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Sturgis graduation celebrations achievements of 13 graduates

Grade 12 students shine during final era of their school year.

STURGIS - Sturgis Composite School acknowledged its Grade 12 graduates in a special graduation ceremony held at the Sturgis Community Hall on June 7.

Graduates were surrounded by family and close friends as they celebrated their achievements.

Members of the 2024 graduation were, Lucas Alblas, Nathan Anaka, Jayden Fedorchuk, Peyton Fullawka, Jainylle Gagnon, Mollie Jaeb, Bailey Kozmeniuk, Amber MacDonald, Quirin Nelson, Bailey Peterson, Bryker Smith, Jaxon Walter and Xage Will.

Kipp Bayer, principal at the Sturgis Composite School, had the honour of introducing each graduate before they were escorted by their parents to the stage area.

Lucas Alblas was escorted by his parents Tabitha and Ted Alblas. His future plans is to work in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Nathan Anaka was escorted by his parents, Jason and Stacy Anaka, and his future plans are to work in the agriculture industry.

Jayden Fedorchuk was escorted by his parents, Preston and Tanya. His future goal is to work for SaskPower and become a lineman.

Peyton Fullawka was escorted by her parents, Corilee Dredge and Mitch Fullawka and her future plans involve taking a year off school to work.

Jainylle Gagnon was escorted by her mom, Karen Gagnon and grandparents, Maureen and Ralph Johnson. She plans to take some time off and live in the Rockies.

Mollie Jaeb was escorted by her parents, Wes and Heather Jaeb. She would like to open her own daycare in the future.

Bailey Kozmeniuk was escorted by her parents Robin Smith and Dustin Kozmeniuk. He is looking to join the work force.

Amber MacDonald was escorted by her parents Sheila and Scott. She plans to attend Sask Polytech in the combined lab and x-ray technician program.

Quirin Nelson was escorted by her parents Denity and Cory. She plans to enrol in the U of S in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Bailey Peterson was escorted by her parents, Misty and Jason, and her future plans are to attend the U of R to become an elementary school teacher.

Bryker Smith was escorted by his parents, Kerry and Croy, and his future plans are to attend Montery Peninsula College on a baseball scholarship to pursue a career in business.

Jaxon Walter was escorted by his parents, Rhonda and Robert Lamber and his father Cory Walter. His future plans are to attend the U of S to pursue a bachelor's degree in studio art.

Xage Will was escorted by his parents, Melane and Frazer. His future includes attending Frostburg State University in Maryland on a lacrosse scholarship, studying small business/entrepreneurship.

Chris Balyski, the board trustee for the Good Spirit School division, brought greetings from the board. “We gather today to celebrate your incredible achievements and the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and perseverance,” Balyski said. “Sturgis School embodies the qualities of strength, persistence and courage. Your journey to this point has not been without its trials, but your determination and spirit have seen you through it. Your success today is a testament to your hard work and the support of your family, school staff and community. Your achievements are not only a reflection of your own efforts but also of the collective support and belief in your potential,” he concluded.

Kipp Bayer presented the graduation scrolls, followed by scholarships and awards.

Xage Will gave the thank-you to parents, followed by a reply from his dad, Frazer Will.

Trina Correos was presented with the Governor-General award for the 2023 year.

Bryker Smith and Xage Will presented the Remember When memories of the graduation class.

Michael Andrusko was the guest speaker for the evening.

Jainylle Gagnon gave the valedictorian address.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a slide presentation, a grand march, and an escort and parent dance.