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Sturgis Nursery School focuses on safe learning

Excitement building for Sturgis preschoolers first day in Sturgis Nursery school.
Eve Peniuk played with Morgan Seghers, teacher at the Sturgis Nursery School registration evening on September 6.

STURGIS - The Sturgis Nursery School registration night was held on Sept. 6 with ten, four year olds and six three year olds registered.

The nursery school is run by the Kin Club of Sturgis. Morgan Seghers is the teacher and this will be her first full year in the position, as she took over from Erin Gregory in 2022. The classroom is located in the former elementary school now known as the Sturgis Multi-Complex.

“The focus of nursery school is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for children three and four years of age,” said Seghers. “We provide a classroom-like setting to learn some basic school skills and rules. In the three-year-old class, I’m going to be working on the social aspect of things as well as sharing, recognition of their name, colours, numbers and being away from mom and dad. Throughout the school year we work on colour, shape and letter recognition, cutting, gluing, crafting, name recognition and printing it, patterns, rhyming, and playing in groups. My goal is that for the four-year-olds we will have improved on some of the skills preparing them for kindergarten,” she stated.

“There is a good variety of students with different ethnic backgrounds and I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with returning students and getting to know the new ones. We are hopeful that we will be able to go on more field trips, exploring the post office, library and kindergarten room in the Sturgis Composite School,” she said.

Classes are held each Wednesday. The three year olds attend in the morning and the four year olds in the afternoon. The first day of classes will be on Sept. 20.  Anyone who would like to enroll their child is encouraged to contact the teacher.

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