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The Health Foundation’s Virtual Charity Road Race huge success

$24,930 raised for Intensive Care Unit equipment for the Yorkton Regional Hospital
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Ross Fisher, left, Executive Director of The Health Foundation, and Geoff Propp, Vice President and General Manager of Harvest Meats.
YORKTON - The Charity Road Race has played out in a much different way for the past two years.

Once again, it was conducted as a virtual run, which means that the participants ran on their own or with a few friends while appropriately social distancing.

The race took place from Aug. 15 to 31.

“We were not sure what to expect with a repeat of a Virtual Road Race, given the environment we are living in with COVID-19. However, the Charity Road Race was very successful, said Ross Fisher, Executive Director of The Health Foundation.

In large part the Road Race was successful because Geoff Propp, Vice President and General Manager of Harvest Meats, promoted the run and collected pledges.

Geoff Propp was the top fundraiser for the event, collecting $18,823 in pledges.

“Fundraising on behalf of the Health Foundation continues to be a privilege” said Propp. “The Road Race has been near and dear to Harvest Meats from the time we began participating.

“I feel as though there has never been a more important time to support the work of the Foundation. The past 18 months have been an incredibly challenging time for us all, particularly those who work in healthcare, who I hold in the highest regard. We could not be more pleased to help where we can. Our community continues to benefit thanks to the Health Foundation, we are happy to be a part of making Yorkton a better place to live and raise a family.”

“We are very fortunate to have the strong support from Legacy Co-op and Harvest Meats, especially in a very difficult year. While this is a difficult year, there is still equipment that needs to be purchased for the hospital to maintain the services we have here. The continuing support of these businesses help us to do that,” added Fisher.

This year the funds raised will assist the purchase of a Cardiac Monitor and Defibrillator for the Intensive Care Unit at the Yorkton Regional Hospital.