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Time to observe, support and celebrate migration

If you are lucky enough to spot a species at risk please contact Nature Saskatchewan
Whooping Cranes (Kim Mann)
Whooping cranes are one off the many species of birds which migrate south in the fall.
REGINA - Migration season is in full swing for the majority of wildlife that travel through southern Saskatchewan on their journey to their overwintering grounds in the southern USA and central and south America. This is a great time to observe, support and join in the celebrations for some of the greatest migrations on earth!

Make sure to grab your binoculars and take advantage of this spectacular season! Several species at risk pass through on their routes south including the beautiful Monarch butterfly, boreal songbirds such as the Olive-sided Flycatcher or even the tallest bird in Canada, the Whooping Crane! Whooping Cranes can be heard flying overhead with their distinctive whooping call and fly with their necks outstretched, providing a distinct white shape with black tipped wings. If you are lucky enough to spot a species at risk please contact Nature Saskatchewan to report and help track their incredible journey.

Migrating wildlife face many hazards while travelling, but there are several things that you can do to help! Driving slower on rural roads helps to decrease collisions with vehicles. Outdoor cats pose a significant risk to birds, particularly when they are tired from long flights. Keeping cats indoors or on a lead helps to protect birds, especially during this time of year. Window strikes are also very dangerous and kill many birds every year. You can reduce this risk by adding stickers or markings with tempera paint or soap to the outside of your windows. They should be spaced no more than 4 inches apart vertically or 2 inches horizontally. 

And finally, join in the migration celebration by joining us for our webinar “The Great Migration” on September 14 at 7pm CST to learn about the migration of Burrowing Owls and Monarch butterflies. Visit the Last Mountain Bird Observatory in Last Mountain Regional Park for a rare opportunity to observe our migratory birds up close. Also, join the Get Outside Kids Club! This is a free outdoor education program for children and their parent/guardian between the ages of 6 and 13.

To register for these events, or to make an appointment to visit the Last Mountain Bird Observatory please go to  If you see a species at risk in Saskatchewan please call Nature Saskatchewan’s toll-free line at 1-800-667-HOOT (4668) or text (306) 780-9832. Please also feel free to share photos, we love to see them!