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Ukrainian dance continues tradition of spreading hope

Dance club honours founders and heritage.

STURGIS - The Barveenok Ukrainian Dance Club continued the tradition of showcasing Ukrainian culture through its spring concert held in Sturgis on April 23.

The national anthems for both Canada and Ukraine were played followed by the welcome dance known as the Pryvit done by club members.

The intermediate group of Lindy Romanchuk, Maycee Johnson, Oliver Anaka, Emily Belesky, Lily Beatty, and Karlie MacDonald danced a Hutzul and a Poltava followed by Amber MacDonald dancing a solo Volyn.

Adult dancers Amanda Kowalchuk, Brandi Arneson, Kaeley Rioch, Jerilyn Radawetz, Sandra Johnson and Tara Romanchuk performed a Transcarpathian, a Poltava Shawl dance, and a Poltava dance.

The junior group of Nicholas Chalupiak, Josie Moekerk, Blakae Beatty, Sophia Storoschuk and Will Prestie performed a Poltava twice through the program.

Lindy Romanchuk performed a solo Hutzul.

The senior group of Amber MacDonald, Graison Belesky, Allie Babiuk and Eva Romanchuk performed a Bukovinian and a Transcarpathian dance and a Poltava dance.

Karlie MacDonald and Maycee Johnson danced a duet to a Hutzul.

The novice group of Chance Will, Everleigh Anaka, Hazely Preston, Georgia van Nieuwenhuyze, Stetson Checkowy and Avery Storoschuk performed a Poltava twice throughout the program.

Eva Romanchuk performed a solo dance to a Volyn.

Brandi Arneson, Jerilyn Radawetz and Kaeley Rioch danced an adult Poltava.

Sandra and Maycee Johnson danced a Mother-Daughter Poltava dance.

The boys of the club all danced a quick-moving Hutzul, involving members Nathan Anaka, Oliver Anaka, Blake Beatty, Will Prestie, Nicholas Chalupiak, Chance Will and Avery Storoschuk.

Allie Babiuk and Eva Romanchuk performed a duet to a Poltava.

At intermission lunch was served courtesy of Preeceville Shop Easy.

Lindy Romanchuk and Lily Beatty received a five-year plaque that was presented by Sandra Johnson, president of the club.

The concert concluded with a finale performed by all the dancers and their instructor, Eric Sliva.

“This year the club lost a founding member,” said Tara Romanchuk. “Lillian Steranka was the founding chairperson of the Stenen Ukrainian Dance Club. She was always at all the spring concerts and would lead the singing of the Ukrainian anthem. In honour of her dedication and hard work as well as Maureen Lisoway, founding secretary/treasurer, Sharon Secundiak, costume coordinator and Lorna Brodziak, Club advisor, the Sturgis Barveenok Dance Club has created four awards,” said Romanchuk.

Blake Beatty received the Maureen Lisoway Most Improved Dancer award. Amber MacDonald received the Sharon Secundiak Kindness award and the Lillian Steranko earned the Spirit of Dance award. Lindy Romanchuk received the Lorna Brodziak Leadership award.