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Ukrainian dancers continue promoting traditions

The Barveenok Ukrainian Dance Club kept the traditions alive through performing learned dances for other family and friends.
Performing a Bukovyna dance, from left, were: Emily Belesky, Maycee Johnson, Oliver Anaka, Lindy Romanchuk, Lily Beatty and Karlie MacDonald.

STURGIS - Members of the Barveenok Ukrainian Dance Club attended the Tavria Ukrainian Dance Festival at the Regina Performing Arts Centre from March 14-17.

“We took 14 dancers to the festival,” stated Sandra Johnson, club president.

Allie Babiuk, Graison Belesky, Olivia Ivanochko, Amber MacDonald and Eva Romanchuk danced three performances and received high points for each dance. They achieved a score of 90 and received a gold for their Poltava, scored an 88 for a silver for a Volyn and a 90 for a gold medal for a Transcarpathian dance.

Oliver Anaka, Lily Beatty, Emily Belesky, Maycee Johnson, Karlie MacDonald and Lindy Romanchuk scored 87 for a silver medal in a Bukovynian performance and scored an 89 for a silver for their Poltava.

Blake Beatty, Nicholas Chalupiak, Josie Moekerk, Will Prestie, Hazely Preston, Brinley Robinson, Sophia Storoschuk, Avery Storoschuk and Georgia van Niewenhuyze  scored an 88 and received a silver medal for their Poltava dance.

Tara, Eva and Lindy Romanchuk scored 87 and a silver medal for their Family Polissia dance.

Amber and Karlie MacDonald scored an 86 and a silver medal for their Sister Bukovynian duet dance.

Amber MacDonald also performed two solo dances, a Hutzul that she scored an 88 for a silver and she scored 87 for a silver in her Volyn dance.

Eva Romanchuk performed two solo dances, scoring an 88 and a silver for a Lemko dance, and  a 91 for gold with her Volyn dance.

Lindy Romanchuk scored 91 and a gold medal for her Hutzul solo.

Maycee Johnson scored an 88 for a silver medal in a solo Transcarpathian performance.

“It was a very busy weekend for our dancers, this was Tavria’s 32nd Dance Festival, with 15 dance schools participating in the festivities with adjudicator Trish Kushniruk,” stated Sandra Johnson.

“By attending the festival in March, the dancers learn what they need to improve in their dance from the adjudicator notes. Then, when we have our Spring Concert April 14 at the Sturgis Composite School, they are able to perform their dances with more precision,” said Johnson.

“The Club will also be attending the Yorkton Kalyna Dance Festival on April 26-28. We will be bringing 21 dancers to that one. All our dancers range in age from four to 43 years old.  It has been a great dance season with our wonderful instructor Eric Sliva,” concluded Johnson.

There are five dancers in group one, nine dancers in group two, six dancers in group three, five dancers in group four and eight dancers in adult group.