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Nordic Club hosts fun ski afternoon

Fun ski afternoon challenges skiers of all ages in Preeceville.
The Preeceville Nordic Ski Club encouraged all avid recreational skiers to join them as they had a fun ski day called a loppet on March 3. Participants, from left, were: Marilyn Schigol, Susan Hurst, Nathan Maier in back, Cindy Stein, Megan Maier, Lynnel Person, Kim Sandager, David Modeland, and in front, Freya Sandager, Charis Maier, Arya Englott and Evelyn Maier.

PREECEVILLE — The Preeceville Nordic Ski Club encouraged all avid recreational skiers to join them as they had a fun ski day called a loppet on March 3.

The term loppet means a large number of people going sking together, according to the Nordic Ski Club website.

There were approximately 19 skiers who participated and had fun exploring the Preeceville Lions cross-country ski trails. Participants had the option to ski, five, 10, 15 or 30 km along the fully groomed trails. The day ended with everyone gathering at the ski chalet for hot chocolate and roasted hot dogs.

“The afternoon was fun and we had great weather for skiing,” said Megan Maier, organizer. “It gave everyone the opportunity to enjoy the company of other skiers and the outdoors. It was a relaxing afternoon that promoted physical and mental healthy well being.

“We gave out certificates to everyone who participated and we had skiers join us from Yorkton, Canora, Hazel Dell, Preeceville and the Usherville area. Sas-Kam sports donated a nice prize and our club had purchased skis for people to use/rent for a small fee. Our club will have these skis available throughout the rest of the season and going forward if people want it try skiing,” said Maier.

The Preeceville Nordic Ski Club has been around for a few years and was kick-started by past founding member Lou Roste who had a passion for cross country skiing. 

The club uses the well-groomed Preeceville Lions Family Trails that the Preeceville and District Lions Club has built up.

The trails are used for walking in the summer and in the winter a set of cross-country tracks are groomed into the snow on the trail for the enjoyment of avid skiers and walkers.

“The Preeceville Nordic Ski Club started out with a few families and has now gained popularity,” said Maier, who is a club member.

The Maier family have all be avid skiers and enjoy cross-country skiing. They not only ski for fun but have attended some competitions around the province and beyond.

"Skiing is a great way to get outdoors, exercise and still remain at social distance lengths. It can be a solitude or a group sport. It is a life-long sport that anyone can do. The winter months are long and we might as well embrace it and take enjoyment from the snow. The trees along the trails are great for blocking the elements and it is a very fun experience," Maier said.