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Water main project moving forward

Only one bid for work received
Project part of bigger water tower retrofit in 2023. (File Photo)

YORKTON - A water main near the water tower is being replaced this summer in preparation for planned work on the tower itself. 

“The objective of the City’s water main replacement program is to reduce operating costs, service level impacts and to protect the safety of the distribution system,” began Trent Mandzuk – Director of Public Works with the City in detailing the project at the regular meeting of Yorkton Council Monday. 

In terms of the water tower that work lies ahead. 

“In 2023 the water tower is scheduled for maintenance which will include an inspection, cleaning and potential relining of the 1,364,000 liter (300,000 gallon) elevated holding tank. The water tower is an integral part of the distribution system. It’s a storage tank that helps regulate and maintain the pressure throughout the distribution pipe network. It also guarantees water supply in case of extreme demand such as a fire, loss of power or pump failure at the treatment plant,” said Mandzuk. 

“During a fire, water demand increases significantly. A water tower helps guarantee that there will be enough pressure at fire hydrants for required fire flows. Because it assists in regulating system pressure it also plays an important role in protecting the City’s underground water pipe network from main breaks.” 

The water tower will need to be taken offline to complete necessary repairs. 

In terms of this summer some preparation is warranted, offered Mandzuk. 

“In 2021, there were two water-main breaks in close proximity to the water tower and the CN rail crossing at the intersection of Park Street and Laurier Avenue. Replacing the main line adjacent to the water tower will ensure that the water main and valves are in good working order prior to next year’s proposed tower improvements,” he said. 

“Park Street upgrades will include replacement of approximately 260 meters of 1978 ductile iron water pipe and services, localized storm sewer replacements and complete roadway improvements within the limits of project.” 

KMS Construction Ltd. was the only company to submit a bid for the project. 

Their bid price was $579,420 including taxes, with $190,000 being carried for project management, materials testing, quality assurance and contingency for an estimated total of $770,000. 

Mandzuk noted there is $712,500 in the water main account and $281,5000 in the sanitary sewer replacement account to provide up to $994,000 for the work. 

Councillor Darcy Zaharia was not happy with only one bid. 

“I am never a fan when only one option,” he said. 

Coun.  Dustin Bears was also concerned by the single bid, with he, Zaharia and Mayor Mitch Hippsley opposed the project still passed four votes to three.