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Wildlife Club acknowledges avid hunter and anglers

Sportsman honored for their prize winning trophies during the Preeceville Wildlife annual banquet and awards.

PREECEVILLE - The Preeceville Wildlife Federation hosted its 74th annual banquet and awards acknowledging hunters and anglers for their prize-winning entries at the Preeceville Community Legion Hall on March 16.

Heather and Greg Gawrelitza shared the master of ceremonies duties for the evening. Kaeley Rioch said grace prior to the supper that featured elk and moose roast, wild meat sausage, meatballs, boar bites, smoked turkey, perogies, potatoes, vegetables and desserts. The meal was catered by Charlotte Chernyk.

A slide show was presented of all the hunters photographed with their entries during the supper.

Gawrelitza spoke on the recent donation of land by Edgar and Doreen Thorson to the SWF Habitat Trust, and the Preeceville branch presented them with jackets and a special plaque.

Numerous fun games were played through the evening with individuals having the opportunity to win prizes.

The club also featured a live auction with Bruce Schapansky Auctions from March 23-30

Greg Gawrelitza, the Preeceville Wildlife president, helped to present the awards portion.

Fish awards

Emerly Sliva won the John Pantiuk Memorial trophy for the youngest angler, only two years old. Cole Russell won the junior male walleye for his entry of 19 inches; Leah Thideman, junior female walleye, 17 inches, and she also received the junior female northern pike award for her entry of  23 inches. Ryder Thideman, received the Rob Neitling memorial trophy for junior male northern pike, 22 inches; Carter Halkyard, junior male lake trout, 39 inches; Steven Geistlinger, men’s lake tout, 39 inches; Adam Russell, largest bass, 3.2 lbs. Val Slizak received the Mark Tonn memorial trophy for largest perch at 12.5 inches; Natasha Fey, female northern pike, 38 inches; Devin Bileski, men’s northern pike, 41 inches; Rachel Lozinski, female lake trout, 39 inches and she also received the largest whitefish award with her entry of 21 inches.

Bird awards

Owen Myhr received the largest pheasant award for his entry that scored 36 bars.

Big game awards

Zander Neitling received the Lorin Tonn memorial award for largest elk, a record setting score of, 342 3/8.

Braxton Danielson was presented the men’s non-typical white-tailed deer award for his entry that scored 126 6/8. Claire Masko, received the Norman Johnson memorial trophy for largest junior white-tailed deer at 161 3/8; Carter Halkyard, junior male typical white-tailed deer award, 135 4/8; Jackson Strykowski, junior male non-typical white-tailed deer, 117 5/8; Carter Halkyard, largest 4 x 4 white-tailed deer, 132 0/8; Peyton Lisoway, junior female non-typical white-tailed deer award, 123 2/8; Ripley Pristie, junior female typical white-tailed deer award, 99 1/8; Bree Russell, archery moose category, 157 0/8.

Taylor Sliva received the Bob Masko memorial trophy for the largest moose, scoring 156 1/8.

Rachel Lozinski scored big with the Peter Steppan memorial trophy for female elk that measured, 331 5/8; Addison Danielson, female typical white-tailed deer award, 142 3/8; Tom Rediger, muzzle loader white-tailed deer award, 135 3/8; Arden Jakubowski, Sam Bowey memorial for largest white-tailed deer, 172 3/8; Dale Parkin, senior white-tailed deer award, 131 1/8; Katryna Englot, female non-typical white-tailed deer award, 133 2/8; Gerald Ignatiuk, men’s typical mule deer award, 152 0/8; Cody Zubko, archery mule deer award, 185 7/8; Paje Reynolds, female non-typical mule deer award, 144 5/8 and Alex Nagy was presented with the largest antelope award for a score of 67 0/8.

First-time hunters, Jackson Strykowski, Zaiden Rudachyk, Aaron Johnson, Karley Buchinski, Braxton Danielson, and Camryn Nelson were acknowledged and presented with medals.

The evening concluded with door prize winners announced and a dance with music provided by Nightlife  Entertainment.

Norleen Bork won a $100 Preeceville Archery certificate, Dakota Longman won a $100 Paul’s Drugs gift certificate and Josie Moekerk won the kids door prize of a pellet gun.

The Lucky Buck prize winner was Merlin Alberts and the Lucky Doe prize winner was Emily Kalnicki. Merlin Alberts also came out the winner of the grand prize, a White Camo .22 Cal Gun.

The Moose Tick had many happy winners with David and Laura Sliva winning the top prize of a Director’s Retro Cooler Party Pack.