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Winter Wonderland this weekend at Moosomin Regional Park

Activities such as horse-drawn sleigh rides and chance to skate on Moosomin’s Lake
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Ice has been cleared on Moosomin Lake for the Winter Wonderland this weekend.

MOOSOMIN - This year, the Moosomin and District Regional Park Board has decided to host a Winter Wonderland all-day event, on Saturday January 22. 

The chair of the Moosomin Regional Park committee Karen Hebert, says she and Cathy Doane came up with the idea while planning for Regional Park events for the new year.

“Cathy Doane came up with the idea, her and I were working together on different things to do at the park all year around, and we put our heads together and came up with this one,” says Hebert.

Because there were no activities happening at the Regional Park during the winter season, Hebert thought an event should take place.

“Well because we don’t do any events during winter at the park, we just have our August long weekend in the summer and do different things during the summer time, but we’ve never held an event during the winter time.”

“We thought that last year with Covid, the park was very busy which was wonderful and it’s just another attraction to the park for people to come and enjoy it, in all the seasons,” Herbert says.

During the Winter Wonderland event, individuals will be able to participate in horse-drawn sleigh rides, to grab some smores around the fire, have some hot chocolate and have a chance to go skating on Moosomin’s Lake.

“The winter time is such a great time to have a sleigh ride, that’s why we thought the activity would be best. We’re going to try to get some of the ice cleaned off of the lake, weather permitting, and let people get out there skating, and just enjoy the outdoors.”

The Park Board and volunteers will be helping out at the event. 

Hebert says she hopes this event let’s the community know that Moosomin’s Regional Park, is a place for people to go to all year around.

“It’s just not a place to go in the summer time, there’s lots to do at the park in the winter time too.”