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Curling Makes Return in Conquest

Sport being played again in small community

It’s been a very long time since curling rocks were sent skidding down the ice in the village of Conquest, but this past week, the sport made its return to the community rink.

The idea of possibly putting in the ice and bringing the activity back was formed back in mid-November, at which point the public was asked to sign up at the post office and the Co-op if they were interested in playing the sport in order for organizers to see the level of interest.

A strong number of signees indicated that people wanted curling to return to Conquest, and on Monday night, January 8, that’s exactly what happened, as roughly a dozen people running the age gamut came out to take in the sport and get a feel for the ice.

The rink was also expected to be open on Wednesday night for curlers to play, at a cost of $2.

Since it’s only the first week that curling is back, it’s unknown exactly what the confirmed game schedule or open hours will be at this time.  That being said, the vibe inside the rink and the fun being had by those on the ice did confirm one thing; people are happy to see the once-thriving sport of curling return to some of its deepest local roots in the community of Conquest.