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Day two of chariots and chuckwagons complete at Yorkton Ex

Eastern Professional Chariot & Chuckwagon Association races are back as a key feature of the Yorkton Summer Fair.
chucks for July 7
The final day of racing for 2022 are set for today at the Yorkton Ex.

YORKTON - The second day of chariot and chuckwagon races took place Thursday at the Yorkton Exhibition.

When the Eastern Professional Chariot & Chuckwagon Association races were complete the top chariot was driven by Carol Hooge with a time of 62.44 in the 16th and final heat of the day.

Crystal Dreschler was second in the 16th heat, and overall in a time of 62.51, while Casey Peterson was third in the race, and overall at 62.76.
Kevin Gareau in heat six had the top time Thursday at 63.74.

 Shane Hue was second overall with a 64.77 in heat eight, while Wayne Salmond out of heat 13 was third overall with a time of 65.09.

The final day of racing in Yorkton goes today.

The National Bank Financial Chariot Races are scheduled for 3 p.m., with the Westland Insurance Chuckwagon Races at 6:30 p.m.. 

The EPCCA will move on to race Saturday and Sunday Sheho Sports Days and Ranch Rodeo.