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Yorkton Taekwondo Master Instructor elected to Global Taekwondo Council

Wayne Mitchell, of Kees Taekwondo in Yorkton, was elected as PATU Vice President (North America)
Taekwondo Master Wayne Mitchell
YORKTON - World Taekwondo, the global sports governing body for Olympic Taekwondo, has five Continental Unions as partners in the Governance of Global Taekwondo.   

The Pan-American Taekwondo Union (PATU) held their elections on Saturday Oct. 9.   

Master Instructor, Wayne Mitchell, of Kees Taekwondo in Yorkton, was elected as PATU Vice President (North America).  Mitchell received a strong supporting vote of 86 per cent for the elected position. This is a four-year term 2021 to 2025. 

“It is a big deal in that I have access to the highest input in the future direction of Taekwondo in the whole Pan-American region and have the opportunity to be a strong voice for Canada,” Mitchell told Yorkton This Week. 

“I have always tried to be a consistent and humble servant for Taekwondo.  I am not the usual politician and try to do what I say and say what I will do.” 

Mitchell said coming from a smaller centre might actually be a good thing as he operates on a very large stage. 

“I am always amazed at how our small town values still translate into the global community as meaningful addition to governance,” he said. 

It will help too that Mitchell has been active internationally in the sport for years. 

“I have cultivated relationships among the Pan-Am region for three decades,” he said. “The countries of the Pan-Am region gave me an 86 per cent support in my election as Vice President (North America) for the Pan Am Taekwondo Union (PATU).  It will be an interesting next four years.” 

Going into the four-year term Mitchell said he has some goals in mind. 

“I believe I have the mandate to push for transparency and accountability through fundamental changes in the management style,” he said, adding that will include “financial checks and balances must be instilled to regain confidence and trust in the operation of PATU.   

“PATU needs to move into the modern age by developing and implementing a fair and concise system of policies that apply to all equally. I see a priority in the development of an enforceable ‘Code of Conduct’ and Discipline policy. The reduction of conflict of interest and the appearance of other negative influences on decisions needs to be codified and followed.” 

Mitchell’s election is seen as a major milestone in accomplishment in terms of involvement of Canadian Taekwondo leaders and their involvement in the influential positions of leadership for the Governance of the Olympic and Pan Am Games sport. 

Mitchell is also currently the Vice President of Taekwondo Canada.