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Pickleball club adds amenity to local court

Local club takes lead on project
YORKTON - The sport of pickleball is gaining popularity in the city, and with that interest comes new amenities. 

Currently there are two outdoor courts lined for pickleball at Weinmaster Park, and two more at Knights of Columbus Park. 

Tuesday evening the courts at KofC Park had a practice wall added by Pickleball Yorkton members. 

The idea of the wall is to provide a practice area for players to individually work on their shots by hitting the ball against the wall, and then returning it when it comes off the wall. 

The Yorkton club, which estimates around 50 active players in the city, is active year-round as well, moving indoors to the Gloria Hayden Centre in the winter. 

For those wanting more information the Yorkton president is Murray Bilobzyski, and the vice-president is Dave Weiman. The club is also on Facebook.