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Trucks pulls wind-up Yorkton event

Good crowds both nights

YORKTON - If you liked the smell of coal black diesel smoke and the high decibel sounds of screaming engines, then Yorkton was the place to be Friday and Saturday.

The Yorkton Exhibition Association hosted two nightly performances of Yorkton Hyundai Thunder in the Parkland in front of the Legacy Co-op Grandstand.

The event, part of the Prairie Pulling League, featured micro minis, minis, smokers, semi truck, two and four-wheel drive trucks and of course the big tractors, some with up to four engines and burning alcohol.

The “Prairie pulling league was thrown on the table five or so years ago by a bunch of pulling enthusiasts to keep the sport active and to help it grow in western Canada,” notes their website.

The next pull for the PPL will be in Odessa, Sask. July 8 - July 9.