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Vintage tractors attrack driver to pulling sport

Dallas Bartel has winning run in first event for a new, old tractor.
Tractor feature
Dallas Bartel drives his 900 Case at the Kelvington Fair tractor pulls.

KELVINGTON - Competing at the vintage tractor pull at the Kelvington Fair Saturday was more exciting than most events for Dallas Bartel.  

To begin with Bartel was driving his own tractors, a 900 Case and an International WD6.  

“I won the class (5-6000 pound) with the WD6,” he said with a smile. “It was the first time I’d run with that tractor.”  

Bartel, who hails from Lanigan, said he purchased the 900 Case largely because of his dad.  

“Dad had a 930 (Case). I kind if fell in love with that tractor,” he said, but when it came to buying he went just a little different. “I didn’t want the same thing as him.”  

You might think that the interest in old farm tractors would come from having grown up working with them, but that isn’t exactly the case for Bartel, an automotive service technician by trade.   

“I don’t know, there’s just something cool about them (old tractors),” said Bartel.  

While his father had farmed at one point he had long ago switched careers.  

But Bartel’s dad still told stories.  

“Dad talked about them a lot, and I like old things, mechanical things,” he said.  

And then dad began pulling.  

“I came along, and it looked like a lot of fun,” said Bartel.