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Yorkton Terrier duo play in SJHL/MJHL Showcase

Two Terriers took part in the event; Clay Sleeva and Dylan Ruptash.
The SJHL/MJHL Showase was held in Winnipeg. (File Photo)

YORKTON - The Saskatchewan and Manitoba junior hockey leagues joined forces recently to hold a showcase event in Winnipeg.

Two Terriers took part in the event; Clay Sleeva and Dylan Ruptash.

“I was pretty honoured to be selected . . . To represent the Terriers there,” said Sleeva.

“It felt really good in my first year in the league to get the opportunity to represent the team,” said Ruptash, adding it was a great experience . . . It was a great week.”

The game, while an all-star format with wins and losses meaning little, it was still hockey played for pride and to showcase skills.

“It was really fast,” said Sleeva.

As for college scouts watching, the two Terriers said while aware more eyes were likely on the action than usual, it wasn’t something they wanted to think about too much.

“You try not to think about it, but it’s kind of always in the back of your mind,” said Sleeva, adding he tried to take the position “you’re just there to show what you can do.”

“Obviously you know they were there and watching,” echoed Ruptash, adding “I just tried to set that aside and played my game.”

That said Ruptash said he did get some interest too.

“I talked to a couple of scouts after the second game,” he said, adding “it feels good to know your hard work is paying off.”

In terms of the action, Sleeva said he was satisfied with what he did on the ice, especially being lined up with guys that he had only seen in opposition jerseys before the showcase.

“I thought I played pretty well,” he said.