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Yorkton track holds up just fine for provincials

Motocross racers gathered Sunday for the Yorkton portion of the provincial race series at the Millstone Raceway.
Motocross (MX) racers make their way around the bend in the track during Sunday's Saskatchewan provincial race at the Millstone Raceway.

Motocross racers gathered Sunday for the Yorkton portion of the provincial race series at the Millstone Raceway.

Rick Bradshaw, president of the Yorkton Motorcycle Club (YMC), said it turned out to be a pretty good day for racing, with the numbers of people that turned out on a nice summer day, as well as the track, which he said held out just fine.

It did not start out looking that way, however, as the course parking lot was in bad shape early when Bradshaw arrived that morning.

"A lot of them (riders) thought the track would be unridable this morning," said Bradshaw later that afternoon.

"The pit area was all clay this morning and we came up with a plan to park everybody out on the grass."

By early afternoon, vehicles were parked up and down both sides of the road that connects the Raceway with the highway.

"The day's going by just fine," adds Bradshaw, who noted that he has been out on his bike on this track during and after a rainfall and there was nothing to worry about here.

"It's well maintained," he said of the track, adding that some of the riders were shocked they were able to race.

"This is one of the few tracks that can run in the summer heat."

Bradshaw said that the rain the night before was probably the reason why some of the riders weren't expecting the MX race to go on as scheduled on Sunday.

"The rain was heavy yesterday. I knew the track would be fine."

The track's ability to withstand the rainfall is likely credited to the Raceway's water system, which Bradshaw told the newspaper that it's hooked up to the City of Yorkton's water line.

Bradshaw was quite pleased with things on Sunday.

"It was good. I want to thank everybody for coming out."

He said the crowd turnout was a pretty good one but added that "it's hard to tell" how many people were out either racing or helping cheer them on.

Bradshaw said that results of the races weren't immediately available, but noted that several of the local YMC racers did quite well.

They were: Denaye Giroux, Kennedy Lutz and Brendon Arnett.

Bradshaw said Giroux finished 1st and 1st in the Ladies event and also competed in the Intermediate Men's MX2 where she placed 3rd and 5th in her races.

Lutz placed first overall in the 85cc and second overall in the Ladies.

Lutz won't have much time for rest following Sunday's racing; she and her dad are going to Tennessee to take part in the US AMA Championship and are planning to leave either today or tomorrow morning.