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A thumbs up for fire department

There were two serious fires in Yorkton last week and thanks to the quick work of the Yorkton Fire Department, neither blaze resulted in any injuries or casualties.

There were two serious fires in Yorkton last week and thanks to the quick work of the Yorkton Fire Department, neither blaze resulted in any injuries or casualties. On Wednesday morning, a disaster restoration company's van went up in flames after it malfunctioned. The flames got up under the awning of the building, but were quickly distinguished and damage was minimal (the van was the only thing destroyed). On Thursday night, Heiser's Health and Fitness suffered very serious damage when huge flames were bursting out of the roof. It doesn't appear as though much of any of the businesses in that building are going to be salvaged. Fortunately, Heiser's was closed at the time of the fire. Usually they are open 24 hours and at that time of the evening, it would not be unusual for a dozen people to be working out. The flood of July 1 did extensive damage to the business and now the fire likely erases any hope of it re-opening in the near future. Hopefully Pumphouse, Shear Bliss, and Wax Pot get back up and running as quick as they can in new homes. I'll wait, anxiously, to see what Heiser's has planned. With Forever Fit coming on board on Broadway Street around September 1st, there was going to be an extra option for folks in Yorkton when it comes to working out; but I would expect Forever Fit may have more than a leg up now with the two setbacks at Heiser's.

Oddly, the two fires were so close to the Yorkton Fire Department, they probably could have hooked their hoses up right at the new station! Heisier's is, literally, across the street. The van fire was one block to the east of Heiser's.

Raise your hand if you advocate a volunteer fire department. I'll keep both of my hands in my pockets, thanks. I've long supported the professionals and thinking what 'might have been' last week without them is scary. One false move Thursday night and downtown Yorkton loses more than just one building. I have also failed to give the Yorkton Fire Department their proper thumbs up for all their work on July 1 during the flood. I think we, easily, forget the 'Rescue' aspect in their job description. There is one story about two firefighters on July 1st that had to walk through near waist deep water (with live electric wires in the vicinity) to rescue an elderly lady and then carry her outside and down the street through more water before getting her to safety. Again, I say pay them what they deserve as far as what the market demands and then say 'thank-you' after they save your life. I have long said we don't pay them for 40 hour weeks. We pay them to do the excellent job we have come to expect when the time calls for it.

Bon Jovi rocked Winnipeg on July 17th and they did the same in Regina last Wednesday night.

Comparing the two concerts, I would say I liked Winnipeg's a bit more. However, I was impressed with the diversity as the band played 4 different songs from the Winnipeg show. They also shot a video in Regina for 'This Is Our House', a song that Jon Bon Jovi said the Riders were welcome to use as their theme song. Of course, that offer was taken up and at Saturday afternoon's game, we got to hear the new song again with Rider video highlights.

Speaking of the Riders, they are a fortunate 4-and-1. Darian Durant may be reading some of those headlines that say he's the best quarterback in the CFL. His play has hit a plateau in recent weeks. I'd like to see him taking more chances on the run and stretching the field a little more. I know the Riders also got a big play from their special teams on Saturday when Neil Hughes blocked a punt, but the reality is that it was a gift because the Hamilton kicker dropped the snap. To me, the special teams are still a mess and the defense has some issues too when it comes to pressuring the opposition quarterback.

Nice person mentions this week to the two crews from FirstOnSite, who made quick work of the Source Embroidery basement last week. Their work ethic was second to none. Also, when their van caught fire last week, they quickly regrouped and went right back to work as if nothing happened. The employees were visibly shaken, but regained their focus.

I also want to send an apology to the FirstOnSite worker who took a great deal of verbal abuse from a Yorkton resident last week. I'm embarrassed to tell you that this resident lambasted the worker because her company is not from Saskatchewan and they are here taking all of our hard earned money back to BC and Ontario. Well, I have a few things I want to say about that. First of all, do you think the money you spend at the big box stores that call Yorkton home stays in this area? Of course not. It's gone to where corporate head office is. Secondly, maybe some of these out-of-province disaster restoration companies may decide to set up shop in Saskatchewan in light of what has gone on here. Finally, if it weren't for these out-of-province disaster restoration crews, the businesses and residents of Yorkton would be in far worse shape than they are.

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