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Actors work hard for live theatre show

The 10th Mainstage production from Free My Muse is this Friday and Saturday at the Anne Portnuff Theatre in the Yorkton Regional High School.

The 10th Mainstage production from Free My Muse is this Friday and Saturday at the Anne Portnuff Theatre in the Yorkton Regional High School.

It's called The Garage Sale and stars Cynthia Oliver as a somewhat eccentric young woman, probably in her early 20s, as a person offering up her recently deceased grandmother's worldly possessions for the general public. We come to learn the sale is in an upper class neighborhood and is not met with approval from the character's mother. Over the course of the sale, a number of different 'groups' show up (oddly I think only one of the groups actually are at the sale because they really want to buy something). Apparently, the word 'star' isn't used at Free My Muse when discussing one of the main actors; however it applies here because Cynthia truly is a 'star'.

The cast has worked extremely hard with rehearsals running, practically, every single day for the last six weeks or so. I feel as though I need to compliment the cast as I found each one of them to bring a unique talent to the stage and there are a few teenagers that have a real special gift. Jenna Boychuk will go as far in performing arts as she wants to. She plays three very different characters and she nails to perfection all three. A special girl. Hayley Lepowick really shines in Dad's Weekend. The Kirschman sisters (Sarah and Schayla) are classic in a scene with a grandmother who is just a touch grouchy. Jill Yanke has some very funny exchanges in a cheerleading scene. Personally, it's my favorite scene of the entire show. Make sure you watch Caleigh Grunert very close too as I find her facial expressions are priceless.

As far as the adults go, you have probably seen these ladies perform at various times in the past; and if you haven't, you really need to get out. They are some of the best actors (oops, actresses) anywhere. Donna Malinowski brings intensity that words cannot describe. It's like 'Donna' disappears for a couple of hours while these completely unrealistic characters take her place. Laverne Rawlick is funny every time she speaks. Ditto for Shelby Wilk, who also has that 'it' factor when it comes to acting. Shelby's characters are so 'out of character' for her and I think that's why I'm so much in awe. Alison Sapara plays two different characters that require her to carry an accent, which is maybe the hardest thing for anyone to do. Lisa Yeadon is a very believable Mom for Jane (Cynthia). Oh, and I'm in it too. My first foray into the drama world. Ask Carrie Pengilly if it will be my last, as only she really knows! Carrie's been a fantastic writer/director and we are lucky to have her in our community.

Tickets will be available at the door and you can also get them from any of the performers. Most of you know where to find me, and if you don't, just check my email out (it's beside my picture on this page!).

It is a month of firsts for me. In addition to trying my hand at acting this month; I also succumbed to my wife's wishes and have started camping. I don't mind admitting I'm completely clueless about everything camping; and need to say a special thanks to Gerry Vandane for standing out in the rain and teaching me how to back up a 24' foot trailer the other day.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders open the preseason on Sunday afternoon. I'll reserve comment on the Rider season until closer to Canada Day. In Taman We Trust, simply because we have no other choice! Let me just get it on record by saying I'm concerned about Weston Dressler's ability to return to form. He's still not 100% following last season's broken leg.

Congratulations to Lane Kawa and Alison Wagner, who will be married this weekend in Yorkton.

Happy Birthday to Matthew Stackhouse!

Nice people mentions this week: Mark Faul, Lynn Litzenberger, Warren and Cherryl Kotzer, and Bev Fookes.