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Editorial: Now it is time to vote

Every vote sends a small message
federal election
Canada votes Monday, Sept. 20.
YORKTON - We are now only days away from heading to the polls to determine which party will lead our country over the next four years. 

It’s an important decision considering the realities we face, a COVID-19 pandemic that is clearly far from over, considerations regarding where we access our energy, an eye to the future in terms of the environment, the costs associated with debt, how to be a good partner in the world while focusing attention on domestic needs, the ongoing need to work through reconciliation with First Nations, and the list goes on. 

Does one party have the best solution to each and every key issue? 

Likely not, although that is something each voter needs to determine for themselves by delving into the policies of each party. 

And, that is becoming a much more extensive process. 

In the local Yorkton-Melville riding six parties are running candidates, and each believes it has the best basket of policies to take Canada forward. 

Which of the parties garners the support needed to win locally Monday will be up to voters, and that is where the responsibility of each of us lies, to get out and cast our ballots. 

In Canada we often take the ability to vote for granted, but we shouldn’t. 

There have been countless lives lost around the world in efforts to secure a democratic system which affords people the opportunity to vote in free and fair elections.  

The right to vote, the ability to do it, should be cherished and respected, and should be used by each of us. 

There are times apathy can set in, a feeling that the result may be a forgone conclusion, or that ultimately our vote has little impact in the bigger picture of electing a government, but each vote does matter. 

Each vote sends its own little message about the feeling a single voter has in terms of who they want leading the country. It matters to the person voting, and they have made a statement with their ballot. 

Who wins Monday of course is unknown at this point. The decision is yet to be made. 

So be part of the process. Head to the polls Monday and vote. It’s a small act that remains a huge commitment in terms of each of us appreciating how great having a democracy that allows us to vote really is.