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Editorial: Volunteers help make our summers

Without our volunteers summer would be far duller, and our winters even bleaker.
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Rick Althouse races at the Kelvington Fair in 2021. (File Photo)

YORKTON - It’s summer and that means summer fairs, and sports days, a community picnics are happening in village, towns and cities all over our region and in fact beyond.

When you live in a country where winter drags on for months and months and month, the temperatures dipping into the minuses every day and the ground covered in a thick layer of snow – well you tend to overly appreciate summer.

Then with students out of school, the crop in the ground, and a number of other factors, we cram events into the few summer weekends we have.

You might well find time to sit in the garden and enjoy your flowers, or head to the lake for some fishing, but if you want a hot dog and a parade you can generally find it every weekend within easy driving distance.

For some that might have been the Kelvington Fair – that community’s 100th – this past weekend, or off to the Invermay Fair this coming weekend, or the Sheho Sports Day and Ranch Rodeo in early July, or mud flings in Theodore again this weekend, or tractor pulls, monster truck show or the summer fair in Yorkton.

We are fortunate to have so many options to enjoy the scant summer we are afforded, and in recognizing that we should also tip our hats to all the volunteers who make all the events happen.

A recent post from the Kelvington Agricultural Society thanking all the volunteers who made the weekend event possible.

But, think for a moment how many hours of volunteer work have taken place on the fairgrounds in that community over the last 100 years. The hours building barns, and painting fences and cleaning booths, and cutting grass and arranging judges and the countless other jobs someone must do. And people have shown up year-after-year, generation-after-generation to make the fair happen for their neighbours and friends.

What happens in Kelvington is not unique, it just happens to be the example of the weekend.

So much of the recreation in our lives exists because people give of their time to make them happen, and we should thank them.

Without our volunteers summer would be far duller, and our winters even bleaker.

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