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Editorial: Volunteers integral to fabric of community

Next week is also a fine time to consider if you want to help out in some small way as a volunteer helping make our community a better place.
Events such as the Exhibition parade do not happen without volunteers. (File Photo)

YORKTON - There are varied things which go into making a community a good place to live.

Topping that list may well be the efforts of local volunteers.

Just think about Yorkton for a minute and try to imagine what life here would be like without the effort of volunteers.

There would be no Junior Terriers hockey team, or minor hockey, or local football. No Spring Expo, or Parkland Outdoor Show, or summer fair or Threshermen’s Show or, well hundreds of events small and large which are so interwoven into our community and making it a great place to live.

So next week, take a moment and thank a volunteer.

Why next week?

Well National Volunteer Week is marked April 14-20.

“This annual observance serves as a dedicated time to express gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable contributions made by volunteers across Yorkton, Saskatchewan and throughout Canada. It is a moment to recognize the selfless dedication of individuals who generously offer their time and efforts to advance causes that enrich our communities. NVW also serves as an occasion to raise awareness about the profound benefits of volunteering for both individuals and society at large,” noted a report circulated to Yorkton Council at its regular meeting Monday.

“The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024, "Every Moment Matters," highlights the importance of every volunteer and each contribution they make at a moment when we need support more than ever. The sharing of time, skills, empathy, and creativity is vital to the inclusivity, strength, and well being of our communities.”

Thinking about volunteerism is also important because it does seem more and more difficult to find people willing to do all the little volunteer jobs which need to be done to make all the varied events held in our community happen.

Certainly our lives seem increasingly busy. The pressures of rising costs and ever changing careers and the needs of family in general make finding the time and energy to volunteer more difficult.

Yet, that effort is so important to so much of what we tend to take for granted at times, a minor sports team for our children, live theatre for our enjoyment, events to attend for our leisure.

Again from the report to Council “volunteering offers us the opportunity to experience the interconnectedness of humanity, imbuing our lives with deeper significance. Engaging in volunteer activities allows us to forge new friendships, cultivate trust, and foster meaningful relationships. As we thread these connections through our shared endeavours, we create a sense of belonging while working towards common goals.”

So next week is also a fine time to consider if you want to help out in some small way as a volunteer helping make our community a better place.