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Obscure word stories

My English language research found these rather obscure words, and the stories just followed. The words are all real and they are listed in various English dictionaries.

My English language research found these rather obscure words, and the stories just followed.

The words are all real and they are listed in various English dictionaries.

The accused was acting erinaceous (like a hedgehog), however, he was ordered to depone (to testify under oath), and stated his name with lamprophony (loudness and clarity of voice). He was accused of being a mungo (dumpster diver), but he disputed that as he stated that he is a nihilarian (person who deals with things lacking importance).

When he was searched, the officers only found finnimbrun (knick-knack). Upon close scrutiny they thought it to be floccinaucinihilipilification (valueless). He had been arrested nudiustertian (the day before yesterday) mainly because of his phenakism (deception). He was told that he is a pronk (foolish person). However, he considered himself a rastaquouere (social climber) and told them he is not widdiful (deserving to be hanged). He believed that he suffered from tyrotoxism (poisoned by cheese), as the cheddar cheese he had consumed at lunch was pulveratricious (covered with dust). His sworn statement indicated that he had been subject to zabernism (abuse of power), as the officers had employed scopperloit (rough play). He advised the judge that he had done some limerance (an attempt at a scientifi c study into the nature of romantic love) and asked to be released so he could keep his tryst with the love of his life around mesonoxian (midnight).

Ole was on his sloop heading abaft (toward the stern) to pick up the abbozzo (preliminary sketch) of his new ketch. Sven on the other hand was known as a balatron (joker) that had to absquatulate (flee) as he had placed a baisemain (kiss on the hand) on someone else’s maiden, to the bismer (shame) of his family. Sven wrote a factive (indicating causation) edentate (toothless) raffish (vulgar) epeolatry (worship of words) in cacography (bad handwriting). But it was considered by others as inaniloquent (idle talk), as they were selcouth (unfamiliar) with the contents. When Sven talked about it, the others thought it was an idiolect (distinctive individual form of speech).

Ole was also a daedalist (aviator) who suffered from graphophobia (fear of writing), therefore he had not approached Lars, Lena’s father, even though Lars had given Ole the jettatura (evil eye) for loitering around Lena. Lena had her own problems as she suffered from both melomania (craze for music) and gamophobia (fear of marriage). Lars would objurgate (chide) Lena and tell her to stop such jabberwock (nonsense). Lars’s wife Ingrid suffered from kakidrosis (body odor) and was a real keffel (a nag) and a xanthippe (ill-tempered woman), and had been unleal (unfaithful). Ole was given a reguerdon (reward) as Lars presented him with Lena. He gave Ole a quarender (bright red apple) and a tacenda (things not to be mentioned) list, or it would be Ole’s obsequies (funeral). Ole and Lena got married and on the wedding night it was obvious that Lena had never been with a man before as she was callow (inexperienced). When Lena removed her pabouch (slipper), Ole noticed her palamat (webbed feet), confirming that she was parentelic (related by blood) to Lars.

Lena sought to be mabsoot (happy), and carried many seeds in her cabas (work basket). Upon ineunt (entering) her special forest she would kneel to dendrolatry (worship the trees).

Lars kept track of the stock market and recorded deorsumversion (downwards) trends. He was a farmer that raised kine (cows) and with his manurance (cultivation) he would grow top quality crops of oats. He noticed a strange bird with a nanocephalous (extremely small head), but with latipennate (broad wings). It seemed quab (immature) when it did nidificate (construct a nest). However, it appeared to be ichthyophagous (fi sh eating), but it also seemed to suffer from naupathia (sea sickness). The bird was easily identifi ed by the hirrient (rough trill) and waftage (transportation through air) of its bad halitus (breath).

Sven owned a sabbulonariu (gravel pit) where a teratism (malformed animal) with ulotrichous (wooly hair) resided. It had anulosis (scar formation) and resided labtebricole (in holes). It would yaff (bark like a snarling dog) and loved to scratch the yuke (itch), and was a sanguisugen (blood sucking) animal.

Ingrid had a baby that would vagitus (cry) woundy (excessively) because of its ventripotent (great appetite for food). The baby wore a biggin (tight fitting cap), but lacuna (missing part) of the tassel. The baby was swaddled, xerothermic (dry and hot) and ready yede (to go). She had to deliver a pie with zabaglione (frothy custard) to the whiskerando (a whiskered person) who was zoetic (living) at the Holiday Inn because of his enodocheionology (love of hotels). However, the pie was ruined and had to be recoct (cooked again). On the holm (island) in the river the forefathers had erected a structure with the top as a tectiform (shaped like a roof), for sciomanc (divination using ghosts). The procedure was not a gaud (trick) and was described in a feuilleton (critical article at the bottom of a newspaper page), which suggested that the forefathers were crapulous (drunk from alcohol) and ithyphallic (indecent) at the time of construction, and suffered from woofits (hangover) the next day. They later tried to honeyfugle (swindle) some of the financial backers. Their phenakism (cheating) was performed by a drazel (slut) in cahoots with a slubbergullion (filthy slobbering person) and a snollygoster (dishonest politician).