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Bounty Theatre usage may be possible in spring

Will 2023 be the year an iconic venue opens its doors once again?
It remains to be seen if the legendary Bounty Theatre hall will return as a performance venue. Photo: Derek Ruttle/The Outlook

OUTLOOK - With further support, it's possible that the legendary Bounty Theatre hall located just beside the Outlook & District Heritage Museum could open its doors this spring to its first performance in decades.

The iconic venue, which housed memorable shows for generations with its weekend dances in the community of Bounty, was moved to Outlook on August 27, 2014. Although Bounty itself is now virtually desolate and relegated to being a part of the past, the hall is being geared to enter into a second chance at life as one of the riverside community's performance and gathering venues.

In the eight years that have passed, the Bounty Theatre has undergone a significant facelift that has vastly improved its appearance, including new paint and windows, new roofing, and an entrance that is now accessible for everyone.

However, the hall is still in need of financial support if it is to reopen. With that in mind, those working behind the scenes have an idea that they hope comes to fruition - have the Bounty Theatre make its return at the Prairie Festival in Outlook over the last weekend of May.

Supporters would say that it's a great idea on paper, having the venue make a 'redebut' of sorts in its new home during the busiest weekend of the year, but in order to make that a reality, it's said that the hall needs a big boost in funding. Electrical work that needs to be done carries a price tag of approximately $25,000, and other work such as railing will cost roughly $9,000. Donation letters have been sent out to businesses in Outlook in relation to the Prairie Festival, seeking sponsorship funding so that the hall can be brought to a certain level where a performance could still be carried out. As for who might take the stage if the hall is able to open for that weekend, local band the Myrol Brothers have been contacted and have provided a quote.

It's said that if the hall received another $20,000, then the electrical work can be carried out and the venue could even be rented out, which would help provide revenue to go toward the costs of future work to be done.

The next few months will be telling as Outlook gears up for another Prairie Festival, and the question remains over whether the Bounty Theatre will indeed be a part of the popular weekend event.

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