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Cougars take down Blues in Outlook game

Clavet visitors run away with victory
The Cougars surround one of Outlook's players in game action.

Outlook once again played host to six-man football action on Friday afternoon, October 1 when the Blues welcomed the Clavet Cougars to R.B. Lyons Field.

Note: game programs with player rosters were not available.

In the first quarter, the lay of the land soon belonged to the visiting Cougars as Clavet gained 46 yards on a nicely played catch.  This in turn would lead to the first touchdown of the day scored by the visiting squad at 8:09, sliding it in past the goal and making the convert.  The Cougars would keep it up in the first, grabbing another touchdown at 5:21 on a 65-yard dash, avoiding contact with Outlook players and making the convert.  Clavet would end the first with another touchdown, scored at 1:50, and convert was good.

In the second, Clavet scored again at 10:16, though the convert was no good.  Outlook started mounting a bit of a return and showed some grit on the next play, making some good runs.  At 8:22, the Blues made a nice dash down the field to gain a first down, though the Cougars would regain control of the ball at the 5:00 mark.  Seventeen seconds later, the visitors would nab another touchdown, though the convert was no good.  That wouldn't deter Clavet though, as they nabbed another one with 27 seconds remaining, convert good.  However, the Blues showed some real spirit immediately afterward as they scored their first touchdown of the day, darting downfield in an eye-raising play to grab some points, though the convert was no good.

A few minutes into the third quarter, Outlook fell on a fumble at the 9:00 mark, but things would eventually turn back around for Clavet.  The visiting squad nabbed a touchdown at 4:21, but the attempted convert was incomplete.  For the remainder of time left in the quarter, both teams would battle for position on the field and control of the ball.

Clavet once again showed their scoring ways at the 10:51 mark in the fourth, nabbing a touchdown and making the convert.  Not long afterward, despite a brief comeback by the Blues, Clavet then fell on an Outlook fumble to regain firm control.  At 5:33, the Cougars made what can only be described as a 'juggling' catch that amazed everyone watching this game, but the momentum soon stalled.  Outlook would make an interception in the last few moments of the game, but it wasn't enough for a last burst as the action had concluded.

The final score was a 58-6 win for Clavet.

Outlook continued their season on the road as they travelled to Plenty on Friday, October 8 to play the Wildcats, losing in a 64-22 effort.