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Elbow council gathering input on fate of local buildings

With the new multiplex in Elbow currently being built, questions turn to what the lakeside community will do with its current infrastructure.
The future Line 19 Multiplex in Elbow will take the place of current venues, creating the question of what to do with the buildings.

ELBOW - If you or someone you know has an idea on what could be done with the village of Elbow's remaining infrastructure, the village council is all ears.

With the vast and expansive Line 19 Multiplex currently being built in the lakeside community, questions have been raised as to what will become of venues such as the Civic Centre, which right now is Elbow's most predominant public space, and the village rink, which hosts such yearly events as the Elbow & District Wildlife Federation's Fish Fry.

The new multiplex recently opened the floor to potential naming rights for many of its future rooms and spaces, with four rooms spoken for at the moment.

When the new multiplex opens up by the target time of next spring, it will leave such community spaces empty and unused. Knowing this, Elbow's village council has decided to reach out to the public and local ratepayers for their suggestions on what could possibly be done with the buildings. Input and ideas will be taken until Wednesday, May 4, and people are being asked to drop off their suggestions at the Village of Elbow office.