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Filipino community in Outlook celebrates Independence Day

Special event at the Bounty Theatre invited everyone to come out and embrace another culture.

OUTLOOK - Welcoming a sizable amount of people on Wednesday morning, June 12, members of the Filipino community in Outlook celebrated their country's customs, food and games with an event aimed at promoting the diverse cultural landscape that's present in the riverside community.

Items and jewels on display in the museum showed the creativity of the culture. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

The day also happened to mark the 126th annual Phillipines Independence Day, a national holiday in the Philippines that's observed every year on June 12, commemorating the declaration of Philippine independence from Spain in 1898. It's been known as the country's National Day since 1978.

Held at the Bounty Theatre, a flag-raising ceremony and the country's national anthem kicked off the morning, held outside between the theatre and the museum. From there, hungry patrons were invited to enjoy some Filipino dishes as it was time for the "agahan salo-salo", or "breakfast party". Afterward, in order to perhaps run off the energy provided by the many dishes at breakfast, there was a call for "palaro nang bayan", or "Let's play games!" Several visitors to the morning affair got into the action, and afterward, many of the Filipino women showed their dancing skills and got others into the movement.

A group photo taken inside the Bounty Theatre. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

Items and jewels showcasing the culture of the Phillipines were on display inside the main lobby of the museum, and the country's flag is set to wave over town for the month of June.

The celebration helped mark the reboot of the Outlook & District Multicultural Group, which carries a mission statement of, "Recognizing the cultural diversity of our community; fostering awareness, interaction, respect and providing a welcoming space for newcomers."

Dancing showed what the women were capable of. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

More events designed to promote the awareness of other cultures in Outlook are currently in the works.

Those who may be interested in joining the multicultural group can contact museum manager Kate King at [email protected].

More photos can be seen by scrolling through the ones at the top of this article.