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Firehouse Feature - Western Sales gifts new Outlook hall with blockbuster donation

Massive monetary gift from company a "commitment to this significant project".

OUTLOOK - The story of the Outlook-Rudy Fire & Rescue team's desire for a new fire hall in the riverside community is one that has grabbed the attention of many in the public eye.

Gerry Gross and Bree Campbell, co-chairs of the fundraising committee, talked to this reporter a few weeks ago about their boots-to-the-ground task of visiting with prospective donors and talking with them about the vision for a new facility for the local firefighters. Their work has paid off in spades as at that time, just under $600,000 had already been raised in pledges, as well as roughly $200,000 having been committed for in-kind work.

The following week, spouses of local firemen spoke with this reporter about their perspectives and their roles in helping their loved ones achieve their tasks and dealing with all of the fallout of those calls that may turn out to be particularly grisly or traumatizing. Rachel Sillers, Wendy Ball, Sara King, and Judy King spoke openly and honestly about their thoughts on the crew, and the work being done by the Outlook-Rudy Fireflies support group.

Then, Outlook-Rudy Fire & Rescue's own chief, Dalas King, spoke with this reporter about his role in overseeing operations for the local crew, as well as his perspectives on the job, dealing with all of the aftermath, and the need for his crew to have a much-better facility in order to do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and without any bumps or hardships along the way.

Such stories have found a way to connect with readers through the honesty shared by those taking part, and the collective desire for Outlook to raise funds for and construct a brand-new fire hall for the local crew to call home.

Now, one company has stepped out in a massive way to show their own support of the project.

Western Sales, a John Deere ag equipment dealership with locations in Outlook, Rosetown, Elrose, Biggar, Davidson, and Central Butte, is no stranger to helping a number of community causes, and this one is no exception.

In an email to this reporter, Regan McGrath, VP of Sales, noted that Western Sales recognizes the impact that smaller fire departments can make on the communities that they serve, and as a part of the Outlook business sector since 1991, the company wanted to show its support of a new facility for local emergency workers.

With that, McGrath announced that Western Sales is proudly supporting the construction of Outlook's new firehouse with an earth-shattering donation of $250,000.

Western Sales company logo.

With many of its employees serving as volunteer firefighters and first responders, McGrath noted that across the company's six dealerships, about 15 staff members volunteer over 3,500 hours annually, and Western Sales is "immensely proud" of the service given by all who serve on their respective fire departments.

"Supporting this new building is an honor, and we understand its importance to the Outlook community," said Regan. "We are committed to this significant project and proud to contribute to its success."

Having been a part of the small town Saskatchewan landscape since 1947, the company knows firsthand the commitment shown by volunteer firefighters. Regan says this groundbreaking donation to Outlook's new fire hall is their way of acknowledging what the local crew does for the community and beyond.

"We deeply value the dedication and bravery of our employees who volunteer as firefighters and first responders," he said. "Their commitment to safeguarding lives and property inspired us to support the construction of a new fire department. This donation is our way of giving back to the community that supports us and acknowledging the vital role of our volunteers."

The high-dollar amount being gifted to the new fire hall reflects Western Sales' commitment to the safety and well-being of the community, McGrath said, and the decision to donate was influenced by the company's desire to make a meaningful impact and ensure that the Outlook fire department has the resources that it needs to operate. The funds come from the company's community support budget, which is specifically allocated for charitable contributions and community development projects.

McGrath says he's proud of all who serve on local fire crews, especially those who also work for Western Sales.

"We are incredibly proud of all our employees who volunteer as firefighters and first responders across our six dealerships," he said. "Their dedication to serving their communities, often putting themselves at risk, is truly commendable. Their selfless service not only benefits their communities but also exemplifies the values of courage, commitment, and community spirit that we uphold at Western Sales."

Seeing how a notable and local Saskatchewan company has put their best foot forward in donating to this campaign, McGrath hopes to see other businesses follow suit and pledge their own support toward Outlook's new fire hall.

"Absolutely, we hope our contribution will inspire other local companies to support this important cause," said Regan. "Investing in the safety and well-being of our community benefits everyone. We encourage other businesses to join us in making significant contributions to the new fire department. Together, we can ensure that our communities are well-protected and that our volunteer firefighters have the best possible resources to do their jobs effectively."