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LCBI students bring 'beauty' to the 'beast' onstage in Outlook

The play brought out Outlook audiences for the multi-show production.

OUTLOOK - The latest stage offering from student performers at LCBI High School in Outlook was an impressive production of one of the most recognizable shows in Disney history, 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The musical was hosted in the chapel of the school with three evening performances from May 30 to June 1, as well as a matinee on June 2.

Photo by Derek Ruttle.

Directed by LCBI principal Jennifer Ridgewell and musical direction by Graham Codling, who also played piano while accompanied by Rick Delainey on drums, Gavin Fleck on violin, Nyah Hopkins on French horn, Birgitte Friggstad on clarinet, and Amanda Follick on flute, the play brought to life the bustling village community of various townspeople who are trying to make heads or tails of what Belle (Juliana Behenna) is looking for in her life.

Photo by Derek Ruttle.

As Belle, the talented Behenna provided a down to earth quality for our female hero, and a fitting contrast to the litany of other more charismatic characters throughout the story. Such as the ego-driven Gaston, the story's eventual villain, played brilliantly by Nathan Boot with a swagger and stage presence that spelled confidence.

Of course, there's the story's titular Beast, played by Jarven Olson. Needing to carry two roles as both the human Prince and shaggy-haired Beast, Olson more than carried the workload and provided audiences with memorable performances as he showed tenderness as the Prince, and hair-raising ferocity as the Beast.

Photo by Derek Ruttle.

Also standing out in this show were the various talking objects in the Beast's castle, such as Romeo MacPherson as the smooth-talking candle stick Lumiere, Abby Calvin as the level-headed clock Cogsworth, as well as Susanne Hofer as Chip, Camryn Nelson as Mrs. Potts, Kathryn Wilson as Babette, Angel Sodhi as Madame de la Creme, and Leticia Koerner as Madame de la Grande Bouche.

Photo by Derek Ruttle.

The cast also featured Jane Wilson, Sophia Haugen, Aaralea Strueby-Lark, Asher McIvor, Coby Spier, Rachel Brand, Raichelle McIver, Olivia Hefner, Olivia Thompson, Jaxon McIver, Mathias L'Heureux, Hallie Sincennes, Abigail Thompson, Faith Collins, Carlos Giudici, Troy Peterman, Daylan Hoeflicher, Kyler Follick, Jacob Haugen, Emily Knutson, Fallon McIver, Cassidy Ireland, Duane Dalisay, Alexandra Norris, and Aiden Tran.

Photo by Derek Ruttle.

With bold costuming that reminded viewers of the animated Disney classic and set pieces that helped set the stage for where the story takes place, as well as some strong singing voices that helped tell the tale, LCBI's latest performance stood out very well for a number of reasons and indeed brought beauty to the proverbial beast.