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LCBI students wow Outlook crowds with 'Godspell' performance

Young performers knocked it out of the park with LCBI's latest production.

OUTLOOK - The theatre scene in Outlook is very much alive and well no matter what age group you may be thinking of, if the latest production by students at LCBI High School was any indication.

Running from June 15-18, the school's drama club hosted its latest offering, the worldly-known play known as 'Godspell', which for over 50 years has captivated audiences around the globe.

A stage treatment of Jesus Christ and based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew, the show deals with the last days of Jesus and includes dramatized versions of several well-known parables. Seeing this was a youthful representation of the play, it also added some more mainstream material, such as referencing popular shows like The Office and adding a Star Wars tribute. The show even made reference to former U.S. president Donald Trump.

With the very physical demands of the show, with lots of moving frantically, dancing, and darting around the stage, the LCBI students surely must've been 'toned up' by the time the show's run ended on Sunday afternoon. Add to that a very colorful wardrobe, and it made for - literally - a must-watch performance by these supremely talented performers. Directed by Jennifer Ridgewell with musical direction by Graham Codling, and with musical accompaniment provided by Martin Rude (guitar), Graham Codling (piano), Rick Delainey (drums), and Cathy McPhail (keyboard), the show's blend of live-action performance with live music made for a powerful presentation.

Portraying Jesus Christ was Trason Ridgewell, a young man who's shown in the past with previous performances that he's more than capable of carrying the workload, and yet he still finds new ways to impress audiences with his capabilities and strengths.

Helping Ridgewell tell the story were a number of impressive and eye-catching performances, including Jesus's disciples, played by Birgitte Friggstad, Caleb Alford, Holly Nelson, Logan Haight, Andrew Delainey, Juliana Behenna, Jarven Olson, Rachel Brand, Abigail Calvin, Nathan Boot, and Angel Sodhi. There were also the Followers, portrayed by Jane Wilson, Kate Wilson, Victoria Johns, Robyn Perrault, Asher McIvor, and Aaralea Strueby-Lark, with a cameo performance by Kalen Follick.

With this being the end of the school year and the end of their time at LCBI for many in the cast, it presents a challenge to the school to spotlight young talent in the future who can command the stage much like Ridgewell and his classmates.

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