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Letter to the Editor - $15,000 to re-open the SkyTrail bridge

Letter to the Editor on possible solutions for Outlook's SkyTrail walking bridge.
Photo: Derek Ruttle

Dear Editor,

In discussion with an Outlook town councillor recently, it was suggested that Council wished to withdraw entirely from SkyTrail and have some organization take it over completely. The Town of Outlook will always own SkyTrail and it is the only agency that can issue receipts as charitable donations. Donations are required to complete the items listed below and for future capital programs such as a parking area. The fee structure listed below would take care of the day to day operations.

I met with Administrator Trew on Thursday afternoon, May 16 to request access to the area between the entry building and the east SkyTrail gate (not access to the bridge). This would allow volunteers to remove the power poles and ramp, plus the bricks that need to be removed to allow the contractor to come in and do the earthwork for the walkway. The other contractors also would like access to plan their work. I was denied, and it was said that Council would have to approve that request and would deal with it at the May 22 meeting.

We had left forms at various businesses asking people to sign if they wished to have SkyTrail re-opened. 230 people requested SkyTrail be re-opened and these names were presented to the Administrator.

Why is the Outlook Town Council so reluctant to re-open SkyTrail? Hundreds of thousands of tourist dollars were lost to this community since 2014. The Council should remember they represent the people of this town and should do what's best for this community.

a) The Town of Outlook is the only one who can issue charitable receipts. Motion required to accept donations for SkyTrail.
b) The chain link at the west end of entry removed immediately.
c) There is a damaged area on bridge that needs repairs.
d) The area from the entry building to the bridge must be redeveloped. (volunteer help required)
e) The east entry gate to be moved into entry building. Steel work and welding required.
f) A walkway has been designed. Discussion and approval by carpenter required.

Contractor and Estimated Costs
b) Town - $0
c) Clayton Rouse - $1000
d) DLN Construction - $3000
e) L&B Welding - $3000
f) Clayton Rouse - $8000

Total - $15,000

Possible Fee Schedule (operation, maintenance & insurance)

Season Pass
Family - $20
Adult - $10
Student - $5

Honor System
Family - $5
Adult - $2
Student - $1

Respectfully submitted,
Con Hammer
Outlook, SK