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Loreburn students bring 'Alice' stage show to Elbow

The stage show brought the magic of Wonderland to the lakeside community.

ELBOW - Apparently, the show was so good that it needed to tour Line 19.

Students from Loreburn Central School had first hosted their production of 'Alice in Wonderland' to a hometown audience on May 2, but good word of mouth began to spread so much that it was decided to take the show just down the road to the village of Elbow on Thursday evening, May 16.

Matthew Possberg as the Cheshire Cat and Hunter Garrioch as Alice played well off of each other. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

Hosted at the Harbor Golf Community Center, the play served as the first student production to take to the stage at the facility, which just held its grand opening last summer.

With direction from teacher Jacob Schilling and principal Arlene Low on the producing duties, a number of the students provided backstage help in bringing the show together for audiences, including costume creation and set design. Seeing such lengths that young students will go to make sure that their school's play comes off without any hitches is a testament to the dedication shown by all involved.

Alice's adventure found her conversing with the Duchess, played by Rebecca Possberg. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

When it was showtime, the young thespians put on an enjoyable rendition of the classic Wonderland story, with Hunter Garrioch portraying the titular character of Alice with humour and innocence, qualities that helped to anchor the duration of the show.

Joining Hunter were a number of key performances that stood out, including Rebecca Possberg as the Mad Hatter, complete with colorful wardrobe and garrish demeanour. As well, Matthew Possberg as the Cheshire Cat brought a mischievous shade to the show, and certainly stood out with his striped outfit.

Alice found herself matched against the Queen of Hearts and others. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

In addition, the play's cast of characters and the students who brought them to life included:

Audrey Santos - Alice's sister Ruth, King of Hearts, Judge
Katrina Possberg - White Rabbit, Mock turtle
Lexie Shewchuk - Mouse, Card 3
Peyton Garnes - Mouse, Card 2
Brooke Wenc - Mouse, Card 5
Zhean Santos - Dodo, Queen of Hearts
Emma Griffin - Caterpillar, Guard
Casey Griffin - Tweedle Dee, Card 7
Bos Megaw - Tweedle Dum, Card A
Parker Walsh - Cook
Rebecca Possberg - Duchess
Vincent Yakimoski - Dormouse
Althea Cabungcal - March Hare
Brooklyn Peterman - Card 9
Abigail Peterman - Knave of Hearts
Matthew Possberg - Gryphon

The Mad Hatter (Rebecca Possberg) speaks to everyone gathered. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

A cast photo was captured at the conclusion of the show, bringing the evening in Elbow to a close as the audience gave the students a loud round of applause.