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Musician Jeffery Straker performs outdoors in Elbow park

Passing storm doesn't stop the music at a fundraiser in the lakeside village.

ELBOW - A sizable crowd was on hand for an outdoor concert this past weekend down by Lake Diefenbaker.

On Saturday night, June 15, popular musician Jeffery Straker, a native of Punnichy, appeared in the lakeside village of Elbow to perform an outdoor show on night one of his Prairie Skyscraper Tour, which is celebrating the presence of grain elevators that dot the provincial landscape.

A sizable audience was on hand in Elbow to watch the outdoor show. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

Setting up shop in the Elbow Community Park & Orchard located along Elevator Road, long rows of attendees lounging in lawn chairs faced the picnic shelter as Straker performed a number of notable tunes and also debuted a few songs from his newest album, 'Great Big Sky'. Joining Straker for the show and providing some additional harmonies was Regina guitarist, Bryn Besse.

The concert was also a fundraiser for the Elbow elevator, which has seen better days and is seeing its exterior starting to deteriorate.

With raffle prizes and merchandise available for purchase, those who were in attendance seemed to have a great time, even if the weather didn't necessarily want to cooperate. Straker's intermission after his first set came rather timely, as a torrent of rainfall came down in the area for a while and everyone had to seek temporary shelter.

Straker was joined by Regina guitarist, Bryn Besse. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

After the storm had passed, the show was back on with the helpful presence of a gazebo in the park and the Elbow crowd enjoyed the show and seeing in-person Straker's abilities both as a singer and a piano player.

Straker's Prairie Skyscraper Tour continues with upcoming shows in Southey, Riverhurst, Horizon, Gravelbourg, and Moose Jaw.