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Newcomers to Equinox Theatre Take on Major Roles in “Five Alarm”

Comedy to highlight young talent in Equinox Theatre.

OUTLOOK — The long-term success of any organization is dependent upon renewal provided, in part, by newcomers. Equinox Theatre’s upcoming production of “Five Alarm” welcomes three new cast members who have taken on major roles in the two-act comedy which opens on November 18.

Stephanie Guebert, while not a newcomer to the stage, plays a major character, Ava Rose. Stephanie seized every opportunity to join theatrical productions when she was a student at LCBI. “I’ve always loved acting,” she stated, “but that can be hard to do once out of high school.” When the opportunity to be part of the cast of “Five Alarm” presented itself, she embraced it. The choice has not been without its challenges. “Being a mom of young kids means that moments of quiet time [to learn lines] are slim.”  Nonetheless, Stephanie has taken on the demanding role with energy and enthusiasm. “This play is such a relatable small-town story.  It has been tons of fun preparing for it.”

Heather Peardon describes her character, Connie Gardiner, as “a tough cookie, but in the end she shows that she has a heart.” While she has previous experience with Saltwater Players in Watrous, “Five Alarm” represents Heather’s debut with Equinox. Being involved in the play has provided Heather with the opportunity to meet new people in the community. She hopes that the audiences for the three performances will laugh and enjoy the production.

Jordan Davies who plays Tucker Dell in “Five Alarm” is no stranger to acting. From the age of five, he became involved in musical theatre in his hometown of Biggar. Since then he has been in a number of plays and musicals. While a student at LCBI, he remembers being the corkscrew in Equinox’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Talking about “Five Alarm,” Jordan observed that he enjoys the fact that the play is simultaneously “silly and serious.” He enjoys the “laidback vibe” of his character.

Equinox audiences will recognize the three other actors in the comedy. Phil Guebert plays Caleb Seaton, the rookie reporter for Channel Five News; Jill Lee captures the erratic and zany character of Ellen Pellham; and Lee Genereux explores new territory as he mimes the role of the inept cameraman.

It takes an exceptionally dedicated and focused person to become involved in community theatre. It is a demanding endeavour. First, there are enormous demands on time-management skills memorizing pages of lines, followed by hours of rehearsals, costume fittings, searches for props, hasty meals—all the while hoping that audiences will laugh at the right scenes and appreciate the very hard work that has gone into the production.

Tickets continue to be on sale at Outlook Printers (306-867-8262).

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