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Night sky explodes with fireworks in Elbow

Fireworks colored the night sky in the village of Elbow.

ELBOW - Perhaps there was no better way to spend the last Saturday night in August than with a fireworks display in the village of Elbow on August 28.

The pyrotechnics were originally set to blast off with the community's annual Canada Day bash on July 1, but with the blazing heat at the time and dry conditions, they were postponed.  The rescheduled date of the long weekend in August again brought dry and hot weather, so once again they were moved.  Residents and visitors didn't seem to mind having to wait, and by the time the test rounds were shot up into the lakeside sky this past weekend, everyone who filled up Elbow's main street seemed ready to take in the show.

The 20-minute program dazzled those in attendance, and the fireworks seemed to be worth the extra wait this year.