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Outlook bows to Wildcats in home football action

Exciting game at LCBI field saw Outlook roster square up against Plenty.

OUTLOOK - The Outlook Blue Bisons were once again back at home on Thursday, October 6, welcoming the Plenty Wildcats to the field at LCBI High School.

In the first quarter, Plenty got things rolling within the first minute of play as #28 Liam McGrath made an impressive 69-yd run to gain the first touchdown of the day, with the convert being good. The Wildcats kept up the momentum as #36 Foster Stephens grabbed a touchdown with 8:15 remaining, convert being good. Outlook grabbed some momentum away from the visitors as #25 Reed McLachlan made a solid run on the very next play, following it up with another good dodging run afterward. As the minutes ticked away, Plenty once again took control, with #36 Stephens making his second touchdown with just 25 seconds left, convert being good.

The second quarter saw the Blue Bisons answer back, as #24 Grady Shultz made a great run on the first play. Minutes later, Outlook would maintain control to the point where they managed to get on the board, with #44 Jaxtan Carlson making a touchdown at the 7:22 mark, with the convert being good for one point after the ball was ran through. The Wildcats answered back with another touchdown of their own at 5:34, made by #28 McGrath, convert good. As the clock ticked down, Outlook replied back with another touchdown with just 40 seconds left, made by #18 Reed Wall, convert being good. However, Plenty managed to answer right back with another touchdown of their own, with #12 Hayden Hilderman barreling through on a long run with 24 seconds remaining, convert being good.

At the half, the score was 40-15 for Plenty.

The third quarter saw the action seize up and things brought to a much slower pace. Outlook #44 Carlson made a nice run at 10:41, but a penalty charge brought the ball back, quelling any hopes for a set of points for the home team. Things seemed to flow back and forth between the two teams until the 4:06 mark, when Wildcats #28 McGrath made another touchdown, convert being good. That would be all the action this section of time would give the crowd in the stands.

The Blue Bisons came back in the fourth quarter, with #10 Seth Wilmott scoring a touchdown on the first play, convert being good. The Wildcats replied with another set of points of their own, with #85 Boston Dipple scoring a touchdown at 9:20, convert being good. Things would slow down for a number of minutes at this point, and it wasn't until the game's final two minutes when the action picked up again, with Outlook #44 Carlson making a crazy 65-yd run downfield, which was followed up by #24 Shultz scoring the last touchdown of the game at 1:47, convert being good.

The final score was 56-31, giving Plenty the win, though the effort and skills shown by Outlook were noticeable by those in attendance.