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Outlook building now a non-profit community centre

Old Quadra building undergoes name change
After being purchased recently, the old Quadra building has a new identity going forward.

OUTLOOK - An informational meeting held on Tuesday night, April 5 at the former Quadra building in Outlook has shown that the goal of the facility, now named the Community Centre, is to provide a venue for those looking to host events but are short on funds.

Matthew Lawless led the meeting, which brought out just over a dozen people, and he was joined by the building's new owner, Kyle Primrose.

The concept is that the facility will be operated as a not-for-profit venue that is open to all at no cost to book, as long as the events being ran there are also non-profit. For example, you wouldn't see a dance with alcohol being served at a cost there, more along the lines of community clubs or being used as a venue for people to hold a birthday party.

The modus operandi is simple, according to the building leaders; it's open providing free and open access in an environment where no one will make money.

There was questioning over whether the no-cost to book the space might take away from other venues in Outlook, such as the Legion Hall and the Heritage Centre, but it was stressed that in this particular space, no events could be held that make money or restrict access.

"Whatever this is used for, something has to be given back," said Primrose. "It's for the community, and I'm excited to take it to another level. There are endless possibilities."

It was also said that perhaps the still-to-be-formed Board of Directors could meet with representatives from other venues in town to explain what the Community Centre is all about and answer questions and address any concerns.

With a list of governing principles, it was said that the building is "wide open" for useful opportunities and that volunteers are going to be the heart and soul of it. Applications for the building's use will be vetted, and in time, a board of directors will be formed, followed by a period of fundraising. As well, the building will undergo a name change, which may be accomplished by running a contest involving local schools.

For anyone looking to reach out and perhaps learn more about the new venue, you can email the following:

A grand opening is being targeted for sometime in June.