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Outlook newspaper recognized in Saskatchewan Legislature

The work done by staff at the 115-year old newspaper was recognized by the provincial government.
Photo: Derek Ruttle.

REGINA - The work being done by the team at The Outlook newspaper was recently recognized at a high level among those who are leading the province.

During the daily proceedings in the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina on May 16, local MLA Dana Skoropad of the Saskatchewan Party government rose and stated the following regarding the west central news staple that dates back well over a century.

"Mr. Speaker, The Outlook newspaper is currently celebrating its 115th year in business. Its first issue was released February the 5th, 1909, just four years after Saskatchewan became a province. As a matter of fact, the paper predates the town of Outlook itself, as Outlook was declared a town in 1910; over a year after the first issue was released.

This means that they've covered all but two provincial elections, countless local marriages, births, graduations, and so much more. The Outlook has served not only as a newspaper for the past 115 years, but they have been the glue of a community and surrounding area by writing about topics that matter to their readers. Before we had 24/7 news at the touch of our fingertips, The Outlook was reporting on the issues meaningful to rural Saskatchewan with over 5500 editions published.

It is, and continues to be, the spirit of community.

Their mission is to be a part of the fabric of Outlook, and they are doing just that because even today, I can't attend an event in the Outlook area where I don't bump into Derek Ruttle, The Outlook's full-time reporter.

The longevity of The Outlook shows the resilience and importance of small town businesses here in Saskatchewan.

And Mr. Speaker, with that, I ask all members to help me recognize and congratulate one of Saskatchewan's oldest newspapers, The Outlook, and I encourage everyone to go out and get a copy."

The team at The Outlook are incredibly grateful for the kind words, and we thank Mr. Skoropad for recognizing ground-level news teams who are doing their part to inform the world of what's happening both in their communities and abroad.