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Outlook pool staff run mock emergency scenarios

Pool staff learned how to address key emergency situations with an afternoon program.
Pool staff learned how to address key emergencies.

OUTLOOK - Staff at the Van Raay and Community Swimming Pool in Outlook got up close and personal with each other as they underwent emergency training on Saturday, July 23.

Mock scenes were reenacted on-site, which put a brief pause on public swimming in the early afternoon. People were welcome to come and check out the drills that staff were undergoing; in fact, it may have even helped add to the realism that would come with any kind of emergency situation.

Pool staff were joined by Genessa and Allison, two Heartland EMS workers who led them through a number of scenarios that could happen on any given day at the pool. The workers learned what to do in the event of several scenarios, including when someone has become submerged in the water, someone who may be suffering a heart attack, or when it's discovered that someone may be choking.

Recreation director Megan Anthony said this is the first time that staff have undergone such training, being done to make sure workers are prepared for anything that may come up on the job. The exercise was timely, as well, as July 17-23 marked National Drowning Prevention Week.