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Outlook road work leading to full area development

Town looking toward future of the community
Town street work
Crews are busy at work transforming the area along Railway Avenue in Outlook.

OUTLOOK - There's been a lot of work going on in Outlook along Railway Avenue in the last week and change, with roads blocked off to traffic and an abundance of heavy haul equipment being used.

The short explanation is that sewer mains are being installed, but the Town of Outlook's Chief Administrative Officer, Kevin Trew explained that it's just one part of what the area will soon grow into over a span of time.  The Town has been planning for a subdivision to be located in the area, and right now, things are in what's being described as "full development mode" with Phase 1a.

Trew says there are three phases that have been identified for future development, known simply as 1a, 1b, and 2.

"Phase 1a includes development of 13 commercial lots along Railway Avenue from McTavish Street to Christie Street (east of Hearn St) and installation of sanitary and storm sewer mains and hydrants (there is already a water main on Railway Avenue that does not require replacement)," Trew said.  "We hope to have pricing and offer these for sale this winter."

Railway Avenue will be paved with a first lift in the spring, Trew says, and once a few lots have sold and the service lines have been installed, the second lift of pavement will be done.  Phase 1b of the project includes the development of 26 commercial and industrial lots located north of the 13 lots.

"This includes water, sewer and storm mains as well as the extension of Christie, Simpson and McTavish Streets, the development of Preus Drive and Taylor Avenue and pavement after lots have been serviced," said Trew.  "This may proceed as early as 2022 depending on the lot sale of Phase 1a."

Finally, Phase 2 will include the development of 20 commercial and industrial lots to be located north and west of the Outlook Heritage Museum and the Bounty Hall.

"This will include the completion of Preus Drive and Taylor Avenue," highlighted Trew.  "This phase may be included along with Phase 1b as a significant amount of the costs of this will be bore in 1b to service those lots."