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Outlook seeks public input on strategic future planning

The Town of Outlook is in the midst of planning for its future.

OUTLOOK - The Town of Outlook is planning its future, and it needs the input and views of its ratepayers to help shape it.

The town is in the process of formulating a Strategic Plan, which helps map out stages of growth and hopeful prosperity for a community.  As such, public engagement is key as it relates to defining what any town such as Outlook should strive to be in the future.

Town officials are asking people to fill out a survey either online or by picking up a paper copy.  It's open to anyone with an interest in Outlook, community stakeholders either living in or around town, whether you own or run a business, have lived in Outlook at one time, or simply, if you love the community.

The survey includes questions on what many would consider "soft issues" such as the things that help define who Outlook is and what the community wants to become.

The town will be reaching out to the public again in the fall with more in-depth questions regarding specific goals and projects, but for right now, general ideals such as principles and values that define Outlook as a community are being explored.

It's being said that these values may not necessarily reflect how one sees Outlook today, but more about telling officials where the public wants to see the town go and achieve.

The online survey can be accessed at this link: