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Outlook youth hockey team wins league championship

Fans and supporters flooded the ice after the young Outlook Ice Hawks won the league title.

OUTLOOK - The Jim Kook Rec Plex in Outlook was alive with the noise of screaming hockey fans on Wednesday night, March 27 as the Under-18 Outlook Ice Hawks played host to the Macklin Mohawks.

This was Game Two in the Hi-Way 14 League Finals, with Outlook having already come out victorious in the first game played on Macklin's home ice on Monday night, March 25. The Ice Hawks took the win on that night at a score of 5-2, meaning this Wednesday game was do or die for the Mohawks.

Photo by Derek Ruttle/SaskToday.

As it turned out, the hometown support of Outlook fans helped push the Ice Hawks to a substantial lead on the scoreboard, where they managed to remain and staved off any hopes of a Macklin comeback.

When the final buzzer sounded, the noise erupted in the Rec Plex as the young Ice Hawks had captured the Hi-Way 14 League Championship, defeating the Mohawks at a score of 5-1.

Parents and family flooded the ice, pictures were snapped left and right, and the team of young hockey players looked excited and proud to have reached their accomplishment at home in front of local Outlook supporters.

Coached by Chase Norrish, with assistance from Colby Haugen, Trevor Guillet and Kevin Follick, with management by Neil Campbell, the Under-18 Outlook Ice Hawks are comprised of players Kyler Follick, Alex Elstad, Jayden Verwimp, Reed McLachlan, Thomas Lucas, Will Campbell, Isaac Lammers, Reise Dolan, Sawyer Spence, John Calwell, Kash Meyers, Landon Fortin, Brody Harris, James Wagner-Mitchell, Kolby Gibson, Alex Phillips, Finn Asnanto, Grady Schultz, and Casey Green.