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Turn 'junk into gems' next month in Outlook

Weekend event to help residents clear space and give away unwanted items.
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OUTLOOK - A weekend event kicking off the month of June will see Outlook residents try to clear out their basements, garages and storage rooms of all kinds of trinkets, toys, and materials.

Entitled 'Junk to Gems', the event takes place over the weekend of June 1 and 2 in Outlook and the premise is quite simple: place your clean, functional and unwanted items on your lawn or curbside, mark them as "free", and leave them for any passersby who may be interested.

Meanwhile, go on a hunt yourself for anything that may interest you, and at the end of the weekend, grab anything that went unclaimed and store it for later as it's likely that this event will return sporadically over the summer months.

Created by Milden resident Scarlett Elliott and Outlook resident Emily-Anne Lawless, the idea came to the pair as a way to offer free items to people who may be looking for a certain something, as well as help lessen the load for the town's free dump day.

"I saw Asquith was doing one so I messaged a few other moms saying how great an idea it was," explained Scarlett. "Emily was just as excited about the idea as I was, so we decided to do one locally! I know I love yard sales and great deals so what’s better than free?"

Those who may be looking for more information can reach out to Scarlett at (306) 860-7365 or Emily-Anne at (306) 860-8095.