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Unique sports reunion held in Outlook after 40 years

Decades later, broomball players gathered to remember and hear stories at the Outlook Legion Hall.

OUTLOOK - A rather unique reunion was recently held in Outlook, with former teammates getting together under one roof to celebrate and remember, with some not having seen each other in decades.

It was a gathering of the 'Mafia' broomball team that played in Outlook from 1974-1984.

With a reunion held at the Legion Hall on Saturday, June 15, in attendance were 28 people including spouses. Heather Derdall noted that some of the team hadn't seen each other in more than 40 years, so the event provided a wonderful time enjoying memories and catching up with old acquaintances.

Derdall provided this reporter with a few photos and the images allow people to check out what the team looked like in 1984, paired with a big group shot captured at the reunion four decades later.

Photo provided by Heather Derdall.

So then, who's who? You can check out the names from each photo below.

1984 photo
Top row, left to right: George Cobb, Lee Sexton, Calvin Clark, Bob Gumulcak, Randy Holmlund, John Dewald, Bob Pilon
Bottom row, left to right: Gary Ivanco, Randy Tighe, Lyle Guenther, Jack Durham, Bill Stewart, Keith Derdall

2024 reunion photo
Top row, left to right: Ed Dewald, George Cobb, Dale Peterson, Calvin Clark, Guy Dampsey, Randy Holmlund, Bill Arthur, John Dewald, Bob Pilon
Bottom row, left to right: Joe Hacke, Gary Ivanco, Lyle Guenther, Jack Durham, Bob Gumulcak, Bill Stewart, Keith Derdall