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Wildlife group holds open range day in Outlook

Event draws interest from the public in firearms and archery.

OUTLOOK - If you were ever curious about archery and firearms and interested in trying your skills at either, the local wildlife group had you covered this past weekend.

The Outlook & District Wildlife Federation welcomed a number of people out to the range just south of town for their annual Open Range Day on Saturday, June 1.

The public were welcome to come out and try their hand - and aim - at using a number of firearms. Photo by Derek Ruttle.

Educating people on the finer skills such as safety and precision of using a gun, as well as giving them a chance to try their skills at shooting firearms at targets or even seeing if they had what it took to shoot a bow and arrow, the group may have found a number of new recruits interested to pursue a passion for wildlife and hunting.

As well, visitors to the range will now see the recognition piece that stands just beside the Canadian flag, as the wildlife group is appreciatively honouring the Bulmer family for their guidance and help in obtaining the property that is used for the gun range.