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Extravadance presents combined finale recital

Dancers showcase their athletic talents to family and guests during the Extravadance Studio, Preeceville location's first annual recital.

PREECEVILLE - The Extravadance Studio dancers welcomed parents, family members and guests in showcasing their hard work through the season with their combined Canora and Preeceville Extravadance dance recital held in Yorkton on May 15. The recital featured Preeceville students in their first annual recital with the theme, A New Thing, and Canora dancers 14th annual recital with the theme, Game On. “It’s been three years since we been able to host a in-person recital and I am grateful for all the volunteers’ and teachers’ dedication and hard work during the season,” stated Kristin Weber-Karcha (Extravadance Studio Owner and Artistic Director).
Karcha went on to acknowledge all the instructors at the Preeceville location: Aleesha Jasper, Abby Wilson, and assistant Emerson Strykowski. At the Canora location instructors were: Jasper, Wilson, Anna Hort, Oakley Zuk, Lila Wilson and assistants Luca Propp and Ireland Zuk. Karcha also instructed classes at both locations. “Thank you for doing a fabulous job at creating classes that were safe, fun and educational,” said Karcha. “I would like to wish a big congratulations to our three graduates who we will honour at our private grad banquet in June. Hannah Kidder, Jillian Newton and Abby Wilson.”

Dancers Peyton Lisoway and Kaleigh Meberg kicked off the recital with their junior 2 jazz performance to Brand New Day.

The beginner Acro group danced to Born to be Wild. Dancers were: Macy Balawyder, Bria Binkley, Blakley Firman, Avaya Meberg, Gracelynn Peters, Lindy Romanchuk, Sage Ward and Jessiah Williams.

Jenna Anaka and Emerson Strykowski performed a senior tap duet to Technology.

Grade 2 ballet dancers Macy Balawyder, Anebeth Bartel, Peyton Lisoway, Kaleigh Meberg and Jinny Schapansky performed to First Tooth.

Jillian Newton, Hannah Kidder and Abby Wilson all performed a grad solo.

Primary ballet dancers Mine Bierman, Bria Binkley, Avaya Meberg and Hazely Preston performed to You’ve Got a Friend in Me.

An Acro 1 performance to Love was presented by Mackenna Firman, Peyton Lisoway, Kaleigh Meberg, Macey Mitchell, Eva Romanchuk and Adley Ward.

The Tiny dance members performed to How Much is That Doggy with members, Rayna Blotski, Ayda Morton-Blender, Sawyer Salisbury, Sophia Storoschuk, Georgia Van Nieuwenhuyze, Cora Vollman and Aspen Zilch.

Anebeth Bartel and Kaleigh Meberg danced a junior 2 tap performance to Something New.

The junior 1 jazz group of Jinny Schapansky, Adley Ward and Sage Ward performed to Let It Grow.

A Chapel of Love performance was done by Bria Binkley, Danae Draper and Avaya Meberg.

The junior hip hop group performed to Schoolin You. Members were: Macy Balawyder, Anebeth Bartel, Charlette Gulka and Kaleigh Meberg.

Prior to intermission break, dance members performed an award-winning dance to Aladdin. Dancers were: Jenna Anaka, Lily Bolton, Savannah Bryant, Peyton Donnelly, Callie Hodgins, Anna Hort, Danika Kluk, Peyton Lisoway, Alexi Magnusson, Grace Morrison, Jillian Newton, Luca Propp, Katrina Raml. Emerson Strykowski, Molly Stykalo, Kendal Werner, Khloe Werner, Maddison Wiley, Lila Wilson, Ireland Zuk and Oakley Zuk.

The senior tap group of Anna Hort, Jillian Newton, Lila Wilson and Oakley Zuk danced to the music of War.

The Grade 2 ballet group of Savannah Bryant, Dylan Descalchuk, Karleigh Lambert, Charlotte Newton, Lilith Shewchuk and Skylar Sciliberto performed to The Chess Match.

The primary ballet group of Chloee Abbott, Silver Brass, Mia Bryant, Daryna Korotych, Courtney Pozniak, Brynn Shabatoski and Myra Vaughters performed to Candyland.

The Acro 5 group of Luca Propp and Ireland Zuk with understudy Anna Hort performed to Twister.

The senior ballet group of Anna Hort, Hannah Kidder, Jillian Newton, Latifah Severight, Emerson Strykowski and Oakley Zuk danced to Dominoes.

The Acro one group of Quinn Bedore, Dylan Descalchuk, Charlotte Newton, Skylar Sciliberto and Eleni Stergio performed to Yahtzee and Craps.

Luca Propp and Ireland Zuk with understudy Oakley Zuk performed a pre-inter 1 tap dance to Monopoly.

The junior 1 jazz group of Savannah Bryant, Sophie Monich, Charlotte Newton, Echo Sabiston, Lilith Shewchuk and Eleni Stergio performed to Pacman Fever.

Luca Propp and Ireland Zuk with understudy Lila Wilson performed a Grade 4 ballet to Clue.

Anna Hort, Jillian Newton and Oakley Zuk performed Pointe dance to Chinese Checkers.

The junior hip hop group of Skyler Brass, Karleigh Lambert and Kylie Morin danced to Super Mario.

Tiny dancers Carlee Abbott, Brooklyn Lambert, Jessica Petrychyn, Weslee Porter, Hazel Sciliberto, Irini Stergio and Lily Travalia performed to Go Fish.

The senior jazz group danced to Trouble with members Anna Hort, Luca Propp, Latifah Severight, Emerson Strykowski, Ireland Zuk and Oakley Zuk.

A jump rope combination dance was performed by: Silver Brass, Mia Bryant, Reba Monich, Josie Scott and Willow Smith.

The senior hip hop group of Anna Hort, Luca Propp, Emerson Strykowski, Ireland Zuk and Oakley Zuk danced to Uno.

The recital concluded with grand finale by all of the Canora and Preeceville dancers followed by the awards portion of the recital.

The Miss Manners Award goes to a dancer who is polite to their teacher and classmates, and always respectful and well behaved in class. For Canora the award went to Willow Smith and

for Preeceville, the first award was presented to Ayda Morton-Blender and the second award went to Gracelynn Peters.
The Shining Star Award criteria entailed that dancer shares their bubbly personality and smile with everyone, and the class is happier and in better spirits because of them. This dancer always excels in class and is a great learner and listener. For Canora the first award went to Silver Brass 
and the second award went to Karleigh Lambert. For Preeceville, the first award went to Macy Balawyder and the second award went to Sophia Storoschuk.

The Dance Spirit Award goes to a dancer who loves coming to dance, and you can tell every week that they have a passion for what they are doing and truly want to be there. For Canora the first award went to Skylar Sciliberto and the second award went to Ireland Zuk. For Preeceville, the first award went to Aspen Zilch and the second award went to Blakley Firman.

The Leadership awards go to a dancer who is a leader in class and also in the studio, they can be found participating in spirit days and helping at any event as needed. They go above and beyond to help their classmates and studio family members. For Canora the first award went to Charlotte Newton and the second award went to Anna Hort. For Preeceville, the first award went to Kaleigh Meberg and the second award went to Peyton Lisoway.

Most improved awards were presented to dancers who have shown the most individual improvement of Extravadance students. The teachers have seen their hard work and would like to recognize them for it.  

Dancers were divided into four age categories. For Canora the most improved little award was presented to Carlee Abbott, the junior award went to Josie Scott, intermediate went to Luca Propp and the senior award was presented to Emerson Strykowski.

For Preeceville, the most improved little award went to Bria Binkley, junior award went to Jinny Schapansky, intermediate went to Mackenna Firman and the senior award went to Jenna Anaka.

The Positive Vibes award goes to a student who is a great advocate for the studio. They are happy to be in the studio and share their positive energy with their classmates. For Canora, the award went to Lilith Shewchuk and for Preeceville the award went to Eva Romanchuk. 

The Miss Congeniality award the Intermediate and Senior dancers vote and pick who they feel who meets the criteria. This dancer is someone who is friendly and sociable, who is pleasant to be around, sympathetic and always willing to help out their fellow dancers. This award went to Anna Hort.

Five-year awards were presented to Charlotte Newton and Hannah Kidder 

“It was an exciting year for both students and teachers with the Preeceville location joining the Extravadance Club. We had over 90 students at the Preeceville and Canora locations and over 180 at our Yorkton location. We host classes of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, contemporary, and lyrical for students aged from 2 years-old to 18,” said Kristen Weber-Karcha. ‘We had our competition groups attend three competitions; Saskatoon, Regina and Yorkton with positive results,” she said. Karcha started the Extravadance Studio 14 years ago and has been teaching dance lessons for 20 years.