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Karate teaches physical and self control in its students

Century old sport uses skills for sake of justice
Micheal Fialkowski of Preeceville will once again instructing Karate classes in Preeceville.

PREECEVILLE - Students and adults who are interested in physical exercise, learning life skills, self defense, and boosting their confidence are looking forward to signing up for Karate classes instructed by Micheal Fialkowski of Preeceville.

Registration, to be held at the Preeceville Community Legion Hall on November 9, will determine when classes will begin.

“This will be my 26th year of studying Shotokan karate, and teaching for 19 years,” stated Fialkowski. “I began training in the fall of 1995. In Shotokan, we have five main rules/goals we aim to follow. They are called Dojo Kun.”

The first rule, seek perfection of character. Basically being a strong spirited person both physically and mentally through discipline and rigorous training. The second one deals with being faithful (loyal). This one is the loyalty to oneself, their sensei, teachers, or partner.

The third rule involves Endeavour (effort). This is learning complete dedication and commitment to achieve mastery of karate. The fifth rule is to respect others (etiquette.) This is learning to extend respect and courtesy outside of the dojo, not just during training. Respect is extended to all. The last rule is to refrain from violent behavior (control). This is very important due to the difference of an untrained fighter and a trained fighter.

“In time a karate-ka learns how to use their hand, feet, and rest of their body as a weapon, which is more conditioned and strengthened, than the average person. A karate-ka uses their skills only for the sake of justice. A person of character can walk away from a fight, because they are in control of their emotions and at peace with themselves. They win the fight by not fighting, because they know no one will be injured,” said Fialkowski.

The terms  Karate-ka means one who trains on the art of karate. Karate means empty hand.

“Karate is great physical exercise, helps teach life skills (through the Dojo kun), teaches self defense, boosts confidence, and helps with behavior issues. Also the term, Dojo Kun extends outside the dojo walls into every day life.” concluded Fialkowski