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Preeceville fuels up for good works

Fuelling good in your community since 2017
Co-op Fuel Up
Page Stinson, left fueled up Rhonda Lamber’s vehicle during the Fuel Good Day on September 21, when individuals were scrambling to the pumps to fill up at the Preeceville Gateway Co-op Gas Bar.

Fuel Good Day had individuals scrambling to the pumps to fill up on September 21, 2021 at a participating Co-op Gas Bar in Preeceville and across Western Canada,

Co-op will donate 10 cents per litre of fuel purchased to a local registered charity or non-profit organization. All grades of gasoline and diesel fuel are eligible, stated the Gateway Co-op website.

In Preeceville Gateway Co-op shared the profits with Studio Dance One Club and 123 Care For Me Child Care.

All of the proceeds from Fuel Good Day are invested in local communities benefitting local schools, community centres, libraries, hospitals, food banks and more. 

In 2020, Co-op members and customers across Western Canada raised more than $566,000 for over 185 local organizations and causes – all in a single day during an unprecedented year.

Since its launch in 2017, more than $2.4 million dollars raised through Fuel Good Day has gone to local organizations, supporting the communities they serve.

In previous years, funds raised on Fuel Good Day have supported community organizations that provide comfort for children and their families during very difficult times, foundations that work to upgrade medical equipment to improve their patients’ lives and groups that make it easier for kids to play the sports they love.

Although this year’s Fuel Good Day celebrations may have looked a little different than in the past, the spirit is the same as always.