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Roughrider Snowmobile Club season ends on positive note

Outdoor sports comes to an end with the spring melt.

PREECEVILLE  -With the warmer temperatures and the snow melting, the snowmobile season has officially ended for another year. “For the most part the trails has been wiped out except for in the north and in the bush line area,,” stated Corwin Tonn, president of the Roughrider Snowmobile Club.

“The season had some challenges with colder temperatures and some mechanical issues with the groomer but overall we had a great season. Once the temperatures warmed up we saw numerous families taking advantage of getting out on the trails.”

The Rough Rider Snowmobile a new trail this year and groomed over 3,100 kilometres through the season. “Even though the season has officially ended we are stull looking for new members or volunteers to help out. For the most part, everyone was all very supportive and respectful of private property with no major issues reported this season,” shared Tonn.

Moving forward the club has some future plans of possibly opening up more trails and putting up a new warmup shelter between Reserve and Hinchcliffe. The club is also hopeful to bring back its family day celebrations and remains optimist for the next season of snowmobiling through growing and continuance of expanding.

The executive members are, Corwin Tonn, president, Jason Feeley, treasurer and Sandra Johnson, secretary.